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Kejari Bekasi Search Karavang Bulog Office, related to the case of 200 tons of rice abuse


Tribun Jabar Journal Report, Harianto

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, KARAVANG – Sub-Diva Karawang-Bekasi Bulog office at Jalan Cakradirea, Karawang was investigated by the city prosecutor of the city of Bekaši.

The search carried out on Thursday (11/15/2018) was due to an indication of the abuse of a reserve of rice for natural disasters in the city of Bekasi.

Kasipidsus Kejari Kota Bekasi, Siju said that the total rice suspicion that he was redirected reached 200 tons.

"200 tons of rice had to be channeled to ease the natural disaster in the city of Bekasi, but the information was obtained that there was no distribution," Siju told Reuters after the search.

The abuse of hundreds of tons of rice, he said, occurred in two budget years, namely 2016 and 2017.

Details of 100 tonnes occur in the fiscal year 2016, and the rest is in the fiscal year 2017.

It is known that the support of rice for the Bekaši area was indeed channeled from the office of Bulog to Karavan.

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Taking into account, the working area of ​​this BUMN company includes Karawang and Bekasi.

"The total loss reached 1.8 billion Rp," he said.

According to Siji, searches were conducted to find documents containing data on distribution of rice aid.

This document is required to complete the exam conducted by the staff.

In fact, before the search of Kejari's city of Bekaši, three suspects were named. Three are HI, BS and AD.

"Two suspects, with the status of civil servants, and the other as a freelance worker (THL) in the city government of Bexas," he said.

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