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Lost Cikarang Utama Toll Gate May 23, Tarifa Changed

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – PT Jasa Marga Tbk provides Toll Gate (GT) Cikarang Utama (Chicago) will not start operating on Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 00:00 in the morning. With the transfer, the company corrected the tariff on the road with the toll fee of Jakarta-Chicago.

"There is a slight adjustment of tariffs because of switching the gateway from Chikarang Utama to Chicago's Utah and Kalihurip Utama, so the closed system from West Cikarang to the Chicago area has become an open system," Operations Director of PT Josh Marga Subekti Siukur told a press conference at the Ministry of Labor Public and Public Housing (PUPR), Thursday (16/5).

The subjects discovered that the most expensive tariff for a route of 72.5 km is the same. For vehicles of Class I, it remains 15,000 Rp.

However, the previously closed tariff area has become an open system of transactions with evenly distributed tariffs consisting of 4 regions.

The subjects gave an example of a Class 1 vehicle in Region 1 (Jakarta IC – Pondok Gede Barat / Timur) of Rp500. Then, Region 2 (Jakarta IC – Cikarang Barat) with a tariff of 4.500, Region 3 (Jakarta IC – East Karavang) at a rate of 12,000 Rp, and Region 4 (Jakarta IC – Cikampek) at a rate of 15,000 per vehicle.

Consequently, a certain number of tolls for short trips in region 3 is more expensive. Some of them, the tariff for type I vehicles from GT Jakarta IC, the destination of GT Cibatua jumped from IDR 6,000 to IDR 12,000. Then, from the Western Cikarang GT to Cibatuan, it increased from Rp1.500 to Rp.12,000, and West Cikarang GT to East Cikarang increased by 2,500 Rp12,000.

The subjects revealed that the company had anticipated a reduction in the volume of vehicles coming and going from close range. Reduced volume of the vehicle can be compensated by increasing the volume of vehicles on long distances due to ever smoother travel.

Without a doubt, based on the company's calculation, the change in the tariff scheme does not change the revenue of Jakarta-Chicago Roads, which ranges from 3 billion IDRs per day.

Moreover, the dismantling of GT Cikarut vehicles from Jakarta to Cikampek will be carried out in non-ramp transactions by charging the tariff evenly according to the tariff area.

Subsequently, a vehicle from the Cycampeak route going to Jakarta will perform transactions at the entrance (on the ramp) by paying the tariff evenly to the tariff area.

Target targets on Sunday (19/5) are over and normal traffic can be crossed.

Danang Parikesit, the head of the Regulatory Taxation Agency, said that the toll road is an alternative route from the existing national road. Toll roads are mainly used for long distance trips between regions and do not make it easier for users who want to get on toll roadside in the immediate vicinity.

Therefore, if people do not want to be exposed to expensive tariffs for short distances by way of toll roads, they can use national roads.

"We coordinated with Bina Margho that the national roads used by the community are also well-available," Danang said.

Moreover, Danang hoped that the dismantling of the Chicago station could reduce the congestion at the toll fee, and the trip to return home could be smooth.

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