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Maia Estianti reveals the similarity between Irvan Mussria and Ahmad Dhani


TRIBUNVOV.COM – Musician Maia Estianti waved on his married life with businessman Irvine Murphy.

Reported TribunVov.comhe said at the event Silent Avards 2018 on Monday (11/11/2018).

Maia Estianti appeared on the stage wearing a wedding dress.

The audience immediately applauded.

The host of events, Aiu Devi and Raffi Ahmad, praised Maiji.

Raffi Ahmad then presented a picture of Maia during a wedding ceremony with Irvan Mussri.

Maia admitted that she was happy, although she was excited.

Al Ghazaliya's mother mentioned the similarity between Irvan Mussria and her ex-husband Ahmad Dhany.

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"There are no hair, from Surabaya, both like music, it's called Dhani, but that's different …" Maia said.

"It's different, now I can be happier," said Raffi Ahmad, who later excused Maia.

Ai Demi then asked Mother to express her feelings about her current marriage.

"Thank God," Maia said in a word.

It is known that Maia married Irvana Mussria on Monday (October 29, 2013).

Maia Estianti holds a closed wedding in Tokyo and is attended by only family members and close relatives.

Three sons of Maya from their marriage with Ahmad Dhani, Al Ghazali, El Rumi and Dul Jaelani attended the ceremonies of the marriage ceremony held in Tokyo.

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Maia and Irvan, allegedly, held a reception at the wedding in Jakarta.

But Maia Estianti's best friend, Rossi Roslain Handaiani (40), or a close friend of Ross, denied the news that Maia Estianti and Irvan Mussri will hold a reception at the Bung Karno, Senaian, Central Jakarta stadium.

"No, it's just a joke from a friend," Rosa said when she met at the Gandaria Citi Sheraton Grand Jakarta Hotel in Jakarta on Monday (11/12/2018) quoted in

According to Rossi, at that time, he and his friends joked with Maia about how former royal staff would keep their recipe after they were officially married.

"We play Miami, as if we are always rich, if we get married, we will be dealing with a village like this. This is the same as it is," Rosa said as she laughed. ( / Lailatun Nikmah)


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