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Many brands of hunting phones were used

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Mobile phones are one of the things that you love to shop in advance Eid. Observer Observer Herri SV explained that at present there are four branded mobile phones that are still a target for shopping under the conditions used after the community has given holiday restTHR)

Four brands of used mobile phones are Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo which is still a target for the community.

Herri explained that Samsung and Xiaomi brands with a variety of product variants, so it was not surprising that the required conditions continue to be used.

"[Merek] Others are not as good as Samsung or Xiaomi, although the variants are quite large. Samsung is still the most sought after brand, "said Herri when he contacted, Tuesday (28/5).

Herri said that the choice of the community for the other two brands, Oppo and Vivo, was more challenged by lack of funds.

"Usually you choose oppo or vivo for central budgets. They do not know that buying a new one for these two brands can be a non-interest-bearing loan," he said.

Herri said Oppo and Vivo sales prices were used relatively high. In fact, it was said that it was not reasonable to buy two brands in the used condition, as the difference in price does not differ significantly from the new sales price.

Nevertheless, Herri suggested that both brands be purchased under new conditions. If funds are deemed missing, then the option of a loan without interest can be a choice.

Another option, if you still want to buy Oppo or Vivo, then you must immediately buy from the user. In this way, the difference in price is far enough from the price when buying a new one.

"If you buy directly from the user, the difference is far from the dealer. Suppose the new IDR price is $ 5 million. If the owner (mobile phone) sells to the dealer a maximum of 3 million IDRs, if the potential buyer can deal directly with the owner, IDR 3 , 7 million can be used so they can be equally happy [penjual dan pembeli]Said Herri.

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