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Moonton reveals secrets of successful mobile game games


The Mobile Legends game is still consistently ranked on the list of the most popular free games in the Google Play Store Indonesia. This game even claims to have 200 million global users, of which 100 million have Indonesian players since September 2018.

What makes the MOBA Online Multiplayer Online Game Arena become popular and are played by players from different circles?

Moonton, as a programmer, shares stories about how they can bring Mobile Legend to success. The Chinese company claimed that it made several efforts to maximize the game.

According to Moonton president Justin Iwan, the first thing they did was focus on player experience. If players experience problems, such as networks, they will immediately move to solve them.

"In sports games that need networks and solve network problems we use more than 500 servers that allow us to reach all users," Juan told the World Conference on Creative Economy (VCCE) at the Bali Convention Center in Nusa Dua on Thursday / 11). )

Another attempt is to reduce the file size of the Legends Mobile game. This is so that users with slow Internet connections are not burdened when downloading additional information when playing games.

"In Southeast Asia and South America, 75 percent of users use Vi-Fi, it's hard download Package of 100 MB. So we are trying to reduce the installation package to less than 100MB, even many other games that use more than 100MB, "he added.

Remember that the developer also thinks about the users who have them smartphone with low specifications. Juan said, Moonton was always safe in every cell phone, including classes input level, can smoothly play Mobile Legends.

After that, go to the content of Mobile Legends which is the next focus. Moonton is committed to continually updating games to enrich its content, from additional game modes to character Hero.

Content localization is also needed so that the Mobile legend can still be popular in a country. Indonesia, for example, Moonton has implemented language and Indonesian characteristics of Indonesia with local culture.

"Two years ago, Mobile Legend had only 10 Heroesses, we continued to update and now 70 Heroja, much better than the first version," said Juan.

"We work with local artists like Iuniarto, creator of Gatot Kaca, who is one of the favorite heroes of the current ML game. In addition, our games also use Indonesian even from the first version."

All his efforts have proven that Mobile Legends is the most popular smartphone game in Indonesia and several other countries. This game has even its professional league, which is claimed to be followed by more than 8000 eSports teams.

In September, Moonton as the Mobile Legends game developer discovered that the number of ML players in Indonesia reached 100 million. This figure is half of the total number of Mobile Legends players in the world of 200 million.

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