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More young people, Realme launches a new logo


Realme's new logo

Jakarta, Selular.ID – Bearing titles Proud to be Ioung, Realme has launched a new visual identity and logo for young people. The new Realme logo was designed by Eddie Opara, Pentagram design chief. Pentagram is a world-renowned consulting company for design.

The logo "R" in "Realme Iellov" is an artistic representation and a good influence on the brand identity of Realme. His vision is to become proud to be young, who hopes that the Real Real smartphone will become a cultural symbol of young people around the world, including Indonesia.

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Founded in May 2018, Realme has a vision of creating smartphone products that combine strong performance and stylish designs for young people around the world. Realme provides experience with smartphones to a younger generation that integrates technology and style to understand and fulfill their desires in personalization and self-expression.

"As a global smartphone brand dedicated to young people around the world, Realme continues to introduce new products that include stylish designs and strong performance. At the same time, Realme hopes to create a symbol for young people through a new logo that can recognize and become a visual symbol of their identity and The new Realms visual identity and logo system will be the key to providing self-expression and satisfaction to young people around the world. We define this as something unique, following trends, self-loyalty and consumption that meets emotional needs, "said Ski Li, executive director and founder of Realms through his official press release.

New Realms inspired by the design of the human logo are combined with Original Aspiration and Self Expression. The new Realme logo has adopted a more concise and universal font, inspired by the observation of human actions and behaviors when using smartphones. The combination of human figures and capital letters "R" from "Realme" also transposes one of the concepts of the consumer-oriented concept.

Combined circles, squares, and triangles form large letters that say "R" and lowercase "r" which represent the aspirations of "Realme" as a quality brand of smartphones that are needed by young people. Writing "Realme" on the logo at the same time shows the identity of young people.

The latest logo and visual identity of Realme is based on a more colorful golden yellow color. The color of "Realme Iell" represents the power, style, modernity and youth, as well as positive things in Eastern and Western culture. For example, positivism, optimism, friendship, emotional energy, wisdom, harmony, and prosperity.

Additional gray colors represent professionalism, calmness and inclusiveness. This color will be used with other additional colors, including black, classic white and light gray.

Top Master Master creates a new logo to enhance the image and brand identity in the development with a younger generation. Realme co-operated with the winner of the ADC Gold Cube Avards award three times, the master Eddie Opar, the top design studio of Pentagram, which created the entire new logo.

Beginning in November 2018, Realme will implement its new visual identity on all channels, including official websites, social media platforms, videos, e-commerce platforms, consumer promotion images, office interior decoration, office supplies and press conferences. In addition, the latest visual identity of Realme will also be applied in all the packaging of the Realme product. Packaging products using this visual identity will be launched in several markets, including Indonesia.

The latest "R" logo and smartphone will soon be launched in all Southeast Asian markets, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia and the countries of South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

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