Friday , April 16 2021

Nissa Sabian is reportedly pregnant to shock her mother’s reaction

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1. Circular video Nissa Sabian Elus Perut, Hamil Anak Aius?

Shocking news came from Nissa Sabian. A video was circulating showing Nissa caressing her stomach. Many say Nissa is two now. This is clearly shown by the expression Mbah Mijan.

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2. It is said that Aius immediately married Nis Sabian, the family opens the voice

The family of Ayus Sabljan answered the circulating questions related to his relationship with Nis Sabian. It is rumored that Aius will marry Nisom Sabian in the near future.

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3. The video of Bams’ in-law makes a scene, the attitude of Hotme Sitompul is highlighted

Social media pages highlight the issue of the video to clarify the mother of Mikhavita Vijaia, who is furious because of the rejection of the disgusting slander that befell her daughter.

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4. Congratulations! Zaskia Sungkar gave birth to their first child

Zaskia just gave birth to her first child today, Tuesday (30/3), at the RSIA Bunda Jakarta.

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5. The mother’s reaction when asked about the pregnant woman Nissa Sabian’s question

The media team immediately prepared to ask for comments from Nisa’s mother, however, the woman acted as if she knew what kind of incident the media team would bring into question.

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