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Officially changed the name Pegadaian, here is the explanation


Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– After joining Ultra Micro BUMN holding, PT Pegadaian (Persero) officially changed its name to PT Pegadaian. This is because Pegadaian is no longer a BUMN with direct state ownership, but is a subsidiary of PT Bank Rakiat Indonesia Tbk (BBRI).

The legal basis for this change is Government Decree No. 73 of 2021 of 2 July 2021 regarding the addition of state participation in the capital of BRI and amendments to the Articles of Association of PT Pegadaian as stated in the Decision of Shareholders Limited PT Pegadaian Liability Company No. 15 of 23 September 2021 approved by the Minister of Law and Human Rights on the basis of Letter No. AHU-0053287.AH.01.02 of 2021 of September 29, 2021.

Corporate Secretary PT Pegadaian R. Svasono Amoeng Vidodo explained that the adoption of this decree has now led to a change in ownership of the shares. Previously, the shares of PT Pegadaian were 100% state-owned, now 1 (one) series A series is owned by the state, while 6,249,999 series B shares are owned by PT Bank Rakiat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk.

“The establishment of this ultra-micro ecosystem aims to increase access to capital for ultra-micro business players in the development of their business. By the end of 2021, BRI-Pegadaian-PNM will open 300 locations in locations that allow access to integrated services so people can use the product. And services of all three companies in one place “.

In addition to collocation, the three entities can collaborate in other programs, such as the use of information technology, product and service development, marketing, human resource development, and so on. With this ultra-micro holding, it is believed that BRI-Pegadaian-PNM will further expand the role of BRI-Pegadaian-PNM in the national economic recovery program, especially strengthening the ultra-micro sector.

Moreover, Amoeng hopes that this initiative will receive broad support from the entire community in the context of improving well-being and as a form of participation in economic development.

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