Saturday , June 3 2023

Pain is also not curable, do not take the same antibiotic

[ad_1], Jakarta They took antibiotics, but they did not recover, after which you are not allowed to take a drug with the same recipe. Although the drug disappeared.

"It is not allowed to use antibiotics, although the symptoms are the same, they do not come to the doctor several times," said a consultant for tropical diseases and diseases of the infection, Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Erni Juvita Nelvan from Hospital of the University of Indonesia, Depok, Western Java (11/15/2018).

Ernie said, although he came to the doctor, not necessarily the disease caused by bacteria.

"Antibiotics are used only in diseases that are suspected to be bacteria. If it's just for viruses or something else, it is not necessary to even use antibiotics," said a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Medicine.

Ernie said that education on the use of antibiotics, especially for doctors, medical staff and the community, is very important. Because so far it is thought that people often consume antibiotics many times.

"He just knows that taking medication is better," said Ernie.

Using antibiotics that is not smart and correct can cause the bacterium to become resistant to the drug and become resistant. This complicates the treatment of the disease.

As resistance to antibiotics increases, various medical procedures such as organ transplantation, chemotherapy, diabetes and other major surgeries are very risky. In addition, the costs that need to be incurred become more expensive with longer maintenance

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