Friday , June 2 2023

Prabov's Promise of Law, Democrats claim to be fighting for PAN-PKS


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Party Democrats claim what has been said so far Prabovo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno also for the ability of other bearers, which are PAN and PKS. In other words, not just for the Democrats.

Earlier, a large number of elite democratic parties asked Prabovo-Sandi to fulfill their promise to increase the election of political parties of bearers who had not been implemented so far.

"Democrats are actually expressing other coalition friends," said deputy secretary general secretary Andi Arief when he addressed, Thursday (11/15).

Andi said the public should know about the crisis between the Democrats and Prabha-Sandi in order to understand the weight of the party in obtaining the votes in Pilegu that was held simultaneously with the presidential election.

Difficulties in obtaining votes mostly relate to parties fighting for presidential and vice-presidential candidates, not for their own staff.

"Let people be clear. If this is only for the interests of the Democrat, we are sure," Andy said.

The same was said by Democratic Party DPP Jansen Sitindaon. According to him, all political parties that do not have presidential and vice-presidential candidates have the same concern. Not just democrats.

Concerns are increasingly felt by political parties threatened not to pass the parliamentary threshold. He mentioned the PKS and PAN, including political parties who are threatened not to pass the threshold.

Jansen said that any political party that does not have a presidential and vice presidential candidate, of course, asks the presidential and vice-presidential candidates to promote themselves in order to increase their capacity in the parliamentary elections. It's not like the Democrats.

"In the camp there, Hanura is also natural if he asks Pak Jokovi how to escape parliamentary threshold, "Jansen said when he spoke.

"Because, the influence will be that the political parties will be deceased. It is no longer sick, but the deceased, because they can not pass the parliament," he continued.

Jansen said that the Democrats became the ruling party twice. With this experience, the goal of the Democrats is not only passing the threshold of the Parliament.

On this basis, Jansen said it was natural only if the Democrats had the most difficult assemblage of Prabovo-Sandi's promise to help increase the election of the party of the bearer.

"In the Premier League, we are Great Fourth, the goal is a champion, not just to save ourselves from degradation," Jansen said. (bmv / vis)

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