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PSSI oversaw the potential results of the 2017 results

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Secretary General PSSI Queen Tisha Destria insists that her party followed the potential bribery practice and set the result Indonesian League since last year. The bribe issue suspected of taking place in League 2 is also included in the Genius Sports Group survey.

Recently rumors of match fixing in the 2nd league are present on social networks. The Aceh United match against the PSMP Mojokerto at Cot Gapu Stadium, Bireuen, became the most important match of the public on Monday (19/11).

The video game that circulates on the social media seems embarrassing, especially the execution of sentences that differ more than two meters from the target.

MoMPerto PSMP, who stayed behind 2-3, had a chance to equalize the penalty in the 87th minute. However, Krisna Adi, who was appointed as the executor, did not perform her duties. What became a debate, the blow dropped to two meters from the opponent's goal.

Numerous players of Persib Bandung were also allegedly involved in the bribe against PSMS Medan.Several players Persib Bandung also said they were involved in a bribe against PSMS Medan. (BETWEEN PHOTOGRAPHY / Iusran Uccang)

Despite this, queen Tisha has asked the public to give a report and not trigger unpleasant gossip on social media.

"We have to get used to not hacking, but we really do investigate this thoroughly. So we ask if there is something that needs to be reported, PSSI will be very important to carry out further investigation," Rat Tish CNNIndonesia.comOn Wednesday (11/21).

Tisa explained that PSSI had been working with the Genius Sports Group to monitor the potential for the practice of bribery and evaluation in the Indonesian league.

"We can not work alone, there must be parties that help us." Last year, [pertandingan sepak bola Indonesia] was followed by Genius Sports Group and PSSI. Not only is the game of rumors, but also what we think is suspicion and we are finally following, "Tisa said.

Genius Sports Group is a group that establishes professional relationships with leagues and sports bodies to help them control data, including issues related to sports participation in matches.

Tisa says that the question of achieving results is not easy to conclude and publish to the public. In addition, he continued, the question was still "said".

PSSI claims to have worked with different parties in order to combat potential ratings.PSSI claims to have worked with different parties in order to combat potential ratings. (CNN Indonesia / Adhi Vicaksono)

"Let's free ourselves from the gossip culture and let us fight against the placement of the results. The things about the war against the correction of matches are carried out by the PSSI together as a member of the AFC. [Konfederasi Sepak bola Asia], especially in Asia. PSSI is part of the one that is not separate from the program AFC Match Integrate, "he said.

"Since the end of 2017, we have been working with Genius Sport to run reports of games that were allegedly unnatural." PSSI worked in particular with Genius Sport to track matches at all competitions and ran for a year. "From the previous match, PSSI consulted AFC, "he continued.

Moreover, Tisha said that PSSI can not work alone or only with AFC.

"Because the essence is that this football belongs to us together. So, if there are reports or sufficient evidence and can support PSSI in further research, please contact PSSI and we will work resolutely if it is proven" Quiet. (a map)

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