Friday , January 22 2021

PUBG Mobile is collaborating with Metro Ekodus in season 16 of the Royal Pass – – On Friday (November 20, 2020), PUBG Mobile officially announced the Season 16 Royal Pass on the topic of Metro Royal.

The Royal Pass season 16 was announced after PUBG Mobile announced a feature update in version 1.1, the result of a collaboration with Metro Ecodus.

The Royal Pass season 16 has a wide range of awards and Restore New things skin Weapon, skin Vehicles, emojis, avatars, Ramin a costume.

All of them can be played and downloaded for free in the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple Apps Store for iOS.

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One of the most exciting updates of the season are the costumes.

Players who have subscribed to the 600 UC Royal Pass can immediately unlock costumes based on the costumes of Metro characters such as Artiom or Anna on level 1.

Besides, the clothes Colonel Miller and the clothes Casual Miller can also be obtained by fulfilling various challenges an event The exclusive Royal Pass (RP) is valid for the next 8 weeks.

Players can also use Metro badges to start an adventure and get to different stations an event and receive a variety of attractive offers.

For players who have managed to reach a certain level or increase the RP level to the maximum level.

From there, players get a different kind the clothes Rewards such as Cyber ​​Enforcer (level 50) and Mithic Night Terror Outfit (level 100).

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