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Seventh waterfall Situbondo is solid black, this is an explanation of the BNPB

[ad_1] – The video showing the color of Sedudo waterfall in Ngliman village, Savahan Subdistrict, Nganjuk Regency, East Java, became dark black and wide spectacular on social networks and messages "VhatsApp".

In a video that lasts almost two minutes, it's clear that the color of the waterfall is black. Although the water coming from the water sources in the mountains of Vilis is usually obvious.

Apparently, the video was recorded by the police. Because when the video was shot, a large number of police officers appeared at the location of the tourist water.

The National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) explained that the waterfall that was turned into thick was not a stream of sand. The black color of the waterfall caused material from the former forest fires during the previous dry season

"Rain in the upstream area was burning the material of forest fires so that water falls were black, and the incident was only for a moment," said Snapop Purvo Nugroho, head of the BNPB Information and Public Relations Center, through his tvitter account, is quoted on on Thursday (11/15).

The same thing was explained by Vlada Nganjuk Regens. Head of Public Relations Department Nganjuk, State Secretary Agus Irianto, explained that the cause of the Sedudo waterfall in the village of Ngliman was a blacksmith only after heavy rains in the area due to water-soluble wastes.

"Due to the long drying season and Nganjuk Regens, given the grace of God with moderate rainfall, there are trash in the mountains, the leaf carries water until it dissolves and pollutes the flow of water in Sedud (Sedudski Waterfall)," Agus told Nganjuk , as reported by Antar, Wednesday (11/15).

Agus said the rain occurred on Sunday (11/11) in the Nganjuk region after a long drought period. Rain has not caused natural disasters, such as floods and landslides around an area that has become one of the leading tourist attractions of the district.

According to him, due to the long-lasting dry season, a large number of waste piles are scattered around tourist resorts. This led to the temporary closure of the tourist site by the officers.

In fact, Agus said, police officers of Nganjuk Resort tried to clean the location of the waterfall. They helped to solve various types of dirt and a bunch of garbage scattered around the place.

"The police also cleared the trash under the waterfall, hoping to enjoy this week again," Agus said.

He also appealed to residents, especially in areas that are prone to the basin to be cautious, especially when it rains. Residents are expected to take care of the environment by not cutting trees and throwing garbage anywhere. Residents are also encouraged to plant different trees, especially in hilly areas, with the hope that when large can prevent erosion. [gil]

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