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Since Ronaldo is so competitive, parking also wants to be the first

Jakarta – Cristiano Ronaldo's high work ethic is well known and recognized. So competitive, Ronaldo did not want to lose anyway.

At the age of 33, Ronaldo proved to be still a harsh and still a winner. He made 28 goals from 42 appearances with Juventus, bringing him The Bianconeri seize Scudetto eighth in a row and won the Italian Super Cup.

With Scudetto, Ronaldo also scored the record. The Portuguese star is the first player to win the English, Spanish and Italian leagues.

So far, Ronaldo has won a total of 27 trophies during his career, and fewer and bigger titles. He did not count individual awards and trophies with the Portuguese national team.

Being able to remain competitive in years that are no longer young is not really a surprise to Ronald. It is known that the father of four children is very professional on the field and beyond.

In order to maintain his condition, Ronaldo did not drink alcoholic beverages. Not only does he actively work on the body in the gym, he is also always the first to come and leave the last training.

Former Juventus midfielder Claudio Marchisio, who trained at Ronald just before he moved to Zenit to St. Petersburg, saw how professional his colleagues are.

"He is competitive in many ways. He always wants to be the first, whether it's car parking, shooting at the goal in the match, or in the gym," said Marchisio. Tuttosport registered Sportskeeda.

"He is a monster of determination and professionalism, an absolute example that can be found only in Juventus. The club has similarities with him in terms of attitude and mentality, which is reflected in crazy and similar desires to win and manage every detail of success.

"I find him more often on the field than an opponent. He is phenomenal and I am proud of the fact that in his Cannes museum there is my uniform when we exchange after the match at Santiago Bernabeu," said Marchisio. (raw material / din)

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