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Test Drive Reviev from Toiota Fortuner TRD: For some reason, riding an SUV is always fun!

[ad_1] – There are many things in Indonesia that support riding SUVs is usually fun.

Starting from anti-bullying on the highway, without worrying about passing through the damaged road, it goes beyond floods, while engine power is not usually wild.

However, meeting the Toiota Fortuner TRD, my expectations had to be reduced.

Previously, of course, there was great hope for the Toiota SUV. Moreover, the official price reaches half a billion, of course it can not be annoying.

And Toiota Fortuner, probably a SUV worth the name of a legend in the country. And what I use this time is the highest and most recent version.

How do you feel? Be tuned …


At least, Toiota Fortuner does not look much in the market with a set of bodycots from TRD Sportiva.

The TRD Sportivo version was chosen as the highest type of Fortuner 4k2. The price is different from VRZ, which is below the level of Rp 12 million.

However, the touch of the TRD Sportiva starts from the black grid, the black lid of the fog and the coat of arms of TRD Sportivo, which contributes to the sporty feeling of Fortuner.

The 18-inch craft is now changing to a complete TRD-branded model.

The mirror cover also gets a touch of black and, unfortunately, there are stickers that read TRD Sportivo, a type of car in the nineties, using labels.


Now is the order to enter the cabin. The position is quite high, so the feet should first be stretched on the available column.

When it's in, although the seating position is very high, the roof feels low.

Yes, typical of a SUV, the seating position tends to be upright and in a high position offered when sitting behind the steering wheel.

In fact, I do not like the layout of a dashboard that is very upright. You want to raise Jeep's feelings, but does not want to bring luxury closer.

Thus, a comprehensive design will be provided in the cabin. Although it's sporty, it's also difficult to say luxury.

But the driver's schedule is electric. That's right, switching on the engine is enough to press the button on the instrument panel.

Engine performance

TRD Toiota Fortuner continues to use a 2GD-FTV series with a capacity of 2,393 cc Variable Nozzel Turbo Diesel that can produce 150 hp and 400 Nm of torque.

Well, try to see the torque, 400 Nm! On paper, of course the number is very attractive.

and surely accelerating Fortuner is not just a carrier on the paper carrier, but also when this car is called to accelerate.

Although not the biggest in its class, I am still amused by the acceleration offered by Fortuner. Furiously and aggressively, especially if you press the Pover Mode button, more aggressively. But if you want to stop, just press the Eco Mode button.

It's cool, with the rinse power offered, but fuel consumption does not make the bag break.

Based on the MID records, the roads within the city can still reach 12.1 km / l.

While on a road car at a speed of 100 km / h, this car can still be shot at 16.3 km / l.

But, if the toll is relaxed, the Toiota Fortunera is only 100 km / h, as it's even 160 km / h easily accessible.


Inside the cabin, the passengers will be corrupted by the monitor screen on board.

In addition, the opening of the boot lid is easy thanks to the power supply door. Simply rely on the button on the control panel or via the remote button, as long as the button is not available and on the doors that automatically open the cover.

Driving impression

Seating behind the wheel of Toyota Fortuner is pretty comfortable. The controller can also be lifted and lowered and pushed back and forth.

But for this big car, because the roof is too low, it sometimes still likes to leave a bilind sport on the right side of the driver.

But besides, driving Toiotine Fortuner does not feel anymore to carry a big car. Usually rigid Ladder frames can be offered with small movements of Toiota Fortuner. Turning and parking is not too troublesome.

But really, if you feel maneuvering, you feel uneasy. Of course, a big and tall car, it's difficult to completely eliminate the symptoms of nonsense.

The cabin suction is also less impervious, so it still has a lot of noise. One of them, the sound of a diesel engine, plus a mild vibration when the engine is in hibernation.

But, indeed, a pleasant feeling will be felt when you know the performance of the engine.

The gear speed that does not feel and is very smooth and fast, making the little road on the streets using Fortuner, has a sensation.


Toiota Fortuner, which I imagined would be a great fan, turned out to be normal. It is hard to say that Fortuner is a luxury car, although the official has the status of a luxury car.

But, you will get a sense of driving great fun. Energy is high, the rhino is a torsion, fuel consumption is economical and more than enough to invite you to socialize.

Engine: 4 cylinders, 2GD-FTV, 2,393 cc VN turbo diesel
Maximum power: 150 hp / 3,400 rpm
Maximum torque: 400 Nm / 1,600-2,000 rpm
Gearbox: Automatic 6 Acceleration
PkLkT: 4.795 to 1.855 to 1.835
Wheelbase: 2.745 mm
Distance from the ground N / A
Tire size: 265/60 R18
Weight: 2.135 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 80 liters

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