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The Food Service rushed to sell a "fake" premium rice, which led to a rise in the price of the media

[ad_1] – The government follows the price of a mid-rice rink since last month. In fact, rich amounts of rice. This is an anomaly, because the price should be reduced when the situation is rich.

Minister of Agriculture, Amran Sulaiman, stating that the anomaly does not have to be worried because the rice has remained rich. "We want to convince the public, food is safe, do not fry it here and there, today is an anomaly, we are sure why? Since more than double standards are supplied, Bulog's actions are enough," said Minister of Agriculture Amran while conducted a review of the market in Cipinang, Jakarta East, Thursday (8/11).

He explained that there was an anomaly because the mid-rice marketers were raised to premium types. However, he hopes this situation will improve as the harvest season is in sight. "We'll harvest another month," he said.

He said that the food force would intervene to overcome the anomaly of rice prices. "We submitted this anomaly to the food working group, and we invite you not to change it. Because we have a sample we took in a lab, it was said that the premium is, but it is actually medium," he concluded.

On a similar occasion, the head of the National Police Operation, Inspector General Setio Vasisto, agreed that the price anomaly was due to indications that there has been a change in rice specification from medium to premium. "This is my duty as a food service force to carry out surveillance," he said.

He said that the food force would go to the market and check. "We will check on the market and conduct laboratory tests as well as the quality of rice on the field so that the so-called medium is in accordance with the existing criteria and the premiums are in line with quality, so there is no public scam, premium quality is not sold," he concluded.

In the same place, Arief Prasetio Adi, the director of the foodstuff, confirmed the existence of this strange phenomenon. The increase resulted from the price Rp 8.750 to Rp 9.150 per kg.

"PIBC's action is 50,000 tons, yesterday it was 51,000 tons, which means it's bigger than before." There is a phenomenon of the price of a medium-sized rice that is somewhat aggressive, and we support Paku Budi market operations, Mr. Amran and the Minister of Trade, "he said.

He explained that these conditions were not caused by production problems. However, medium rice tends to be placed in premium rice. "But in current conditions, rice production is sufficient, and supply is normal. But this middle rice tends to be at its peak," he concluded.

The mid-rice retail prices of the region relate to Permendag No. 57 / M-DAG / PER / 8/2017, namely Region I: Java, Lampung, South Sumatra, NTB, Sulavesi and Bali. 8,100, – / Kg with HET Rp. 9.450, – / Kg, Region II: Sumatra except Lampunga and South Sumatra, NTT and Kalimantan, the price of the retail store is Rp. 8,600, – / Kg with HET Rp. 9,950, – / Kg, and Region III: Maluku and Papua, the price of bulk warehouse is Rp. 8.900, – / Kg with HET Rp. 10.250, – / Kg.


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