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The wife of Nurhadi's former MA secretary is based on the call of the JPA


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The wife of the former secretary of the Supreme Court (MA) Nurhahadi AbdurrachmanTin Zuraida missed the researcher's call Corruption Removal Committee (CCP).

Tin was to be considered witness of the alleged bribe of Edward Sindoro, President of PT Paramount Enterprise Internasional.

"Witness Tin Zuraida was not present without the information," said KPK spokesman Febri Diansyah, KPC, Jakarta on Friday (11/2).

Febri said he did not know when he was called Tint to test him as a witness. According to him, if someone calls you as a witness, it depends on the needs of CCP investigators.

Tin is currently an expert on administrative reform and the minister of bureaucratic reform (Menpan RB).

As a specialist, Tin is being planned for political and legal issues. The tin of two years ago had undoubtedly pampered the news. It can not be separated from the dispute over cases of district court corruption in Central Jakarta, which pulled her husband Nurhadi.

Tin and Nurhadi have also gone to the JPA several times to meet investigators, though the media crew asked them.

In addition, Tin and Nurhadi Houses in Hang Lekir, South Jakarta, KPC investigators also sought the alleged PK bribery cases. During search, Tin allegedly broke many documents and threw them into the toilet. KPC also confiscated 1.7 billion forints.

In that case, KPK Eddy was declared bribery suspicious of the former secretary of the Central Jakarta district court, Edy Nasution, at the end of 2016. Eddy allegedly gave money to Edy Nasution for controlling the review.

Later, he discovered that Eddy was abroad before being called a suspect by the detectives of anti-corruption institutions. Over the past two years, Eddy often moved to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand to Myanmar.

In this investigation, the CCP also suspected Nurhahadi Abdurrachman was involved in the alleged bribe.

Nurhadi claimed that he knew Eddy well. Nurhadi also went to the KPC building several times to conduct an investigation. (fra / wis)

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