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There are 4,000 people with HIV / AIDS Vest Java Ekpress Online


SERVICE PREPARATION: The Bandung KPA Management Board, which was only inaugurated by Deputy Mayor of Bali Bali Mayor Ian Mulian, is ready to cooperate with the pressure of anchors.

BANDUNG – The spread of HIV / AIDS in Bandung is currently very worrying and requires serious treatment. Based on data from the Bandung City Health Office, HIV / AIDS cases continue to increase each year.

KPA Bandung Secretary, dr. Bagus Rahmat Prabovo said that by December 2017, there were 4,032 cases registered, consisting of 2,171 HIV cases and 1,865 AIDS cases. Actually, based on estimates later in 2018, the number is likely to increase.

"This fact is quite disturbing given that Bandung Citi is in danger of becoming a generalized epidemic. Transmission occurs in the general population," he explained to Rita when he met yesterday. (11/14).


He said, the symptoms can be seen from the high rise in HIV cases among housewives, or on average 40 cases per year with majority contracts from their partners. In fact, by the end of last year, 518 HIV positive hosts were found.

Responding to this phenomenon, along with the Bandung AIDS Prevention Commission (KPA), they continued to move in order to reduce the speed of virus transmission. In fact, the KPA targets goal 3 of the Zero which is achieved by 2030, which are Zero Nev Infection, Zero AIDS Related Death and Zero Stigma.

In response, Mayor Bandung, Ian Mulian, said his party will continue to engage with KPA to control the spread of HIV / AIDS.

He also asked residents of Bandung, who could potentially contract HIV, check their health. The goal is to early detect the presence of the virus in the body.

He considered that the exam was important so that he could be treated immediately. Because until now, Bandunga has provided health tests and HIV prevention facilities to Pushkimi.

& # 39; & # 39; Citizens can immediately get to the Puskes to check for free. There have been attempts to free HIV testing. "If people are not ready to test their area, they could be tested in a fairly remote area," he said.

If after the test is performed, someone is infected, people with HIV / AIDS (PVHA) can receive free treatment in the Rifles. In addition, PLVHA can receive free antiretroviral (ARV) and receive help from Puskesmas and KPA.

According to him, early detection can prevent the spread of viruses to healthy people. PLVHA can carry out a number of actions in order to withstand the transfer potential.

"This does not mean that we are a judge, but just be careful not to infect others. This is so that PLVHA does not increase, because if he is healed he will definitely not pass it on to others in order to further reduce the risk of HIV / AIDS people, "he said. (ian)

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