Thursday , June 1 2023

There is a case of iPhone K's explosion, and Apple explores it directly


Jakarta – iPhone's iPhone report exploded when users updated on iOS 12.1. Apple was following the report.

According to Rahel Mohammed, the owner of an explosive device, the iPhone X, which was 10 months old at one time, was hot and exploded amid the update process on the latest iOS. This incident occurred at Federal Vai, Washington, USA.

"At the beginning of January I bought an iPhone and used it normally," he said when asked for a confirmation by blog technology 360 gadgets.

Rahel Mohamed made an update while plugging the iPhone X to power, as suggested by the standard process. It uses the default Lightning Apple Plus plug adapter for electrical outlets, even if it stops the charging process before the iPhone X's incident explodes.

"Dark gray smoke began to appear from a mobile phone, and the update was completed, when a mobile phone was switched on, smoke and fire appeared, and the mobile phone was so hot that I immediately dropped out," he said.

Through Twitter, Rahel Mohammed then reported an incident to an incident that immediately responded to Apple. In addition to declaring that this is not unusual, Apple also asked Rahel Mohammed to send a problematic iPhone X to be further explored.

It is not yet known why iPhone iPhone Rahela Mohamed could explode, as there are not many similar cases on the device released at the end of 2017. But essentially, as it is quoted, all smartphones using lithium-ion batteries have the potential to experience such problems.

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