Monday , April 12 2021

Twitter’s new feature allows creators to charge followers

Saturday, 27 February 2021 – 03:50 VIB

Twitter's new feature allows creators to charge followers -

Twitter illustration. Photo: Glenn CHAPMAN / AFP – Twitter introduces a new feature called Super Follows, allowing authors to charge fees from followers who want to access additional content.

Launching The Verge, additional content includes exclusive tweets, access to community groups, newsletter subscriptions or badges that show support for the creator.

In the screenshot shown, Twitter shows an example where a user paid $ 4.99 a month to get a series of bonuses.

Twitter says that this feature will make it easier for authors to get advice directly from fans.

This payment feature has become increasingly popular among authors in recent years.

Platforms like Patreon are proving to be a great success, and other platforms like Facebook, YouTube and GitHub also allow users to tip creators.

Twitter has also long planned a paid feature to increase its revenue.

So, chances are that Twitter will reduce subscriptions paid to authors.


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