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Unfortunately, Lee Jong Suk involved in problems with Indonesian immigration, supporters: Ne Kapok Ia Oppa


Unfortunately, Lee Jong Suk involved in problems with Indonesian immigration, supporters: Ne Kapok Ia Oppa
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Fans of Lee Jong Suk are afraid that the idol does not want to visit Indonesia again for this problem.

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Who would have thought, coming Lee Jong Suk to Indonesia to hold the event at a meeting of fans turned out to be a problem. When he returned to South Korea, Lee Jong Suk was in trouble with the immigration authorities.

Paso Lia Jong Shuka was also confiscated so he could not return to South Korea immediately. Various problems were reported for the cause of this incident.

Initially, the actor circulated "While you were sleeping"It was held because of tax problems and incomes of fanatics in Jakarta, according to data released by the promoters, that tickets were sold less than they actually were," said Lee Jong Suk, a spokesman for the agency.

"They were supposed to leave Jakarta on November 4. However, there was a problem between the local branch of da24 and the Indonesian authorities, because (da24) reported that the tickets were sold less than they really were, that was a problem," said the representative agencies Lee Jong Suk. "We believe that the passport is confiscated from the person responsible for this problem, we are working hard to solve the problem in Jakarta today and it is currently in Jakarta." We are currently adapting to the schedule because there are problems with film drama and other schedules "

In the meantime, the immigration authorities have explained that the problem occurred on a visa that was used by Lee Jong Suk. According to immigration authorities, Li Jong Suk did not use a visa that should hold a meeting of fans.

"Abuse of the permit: The person in charge comes with a visa upon arrival, but a meeting of the fans is not allowed," said the Head of Public Affairs and General Affairs Department of the Directorate of Immigration at the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Teodor Simarmat. "After we checked, tonight we were deported with Korean Airlines plane around 20.00 or 21.00 VB to Soekarno-Hatta with 13 more people."

On the other hand, the promoter of Ies24 Ent Indonesia also spoke and apologized for the problem. One of the promoters' representatives claimed that it was cheated by a third party responsible for administering the fan-event of Lee Jong Suk.

"Jong Suk came only to collect passports and visas that were printed," said Ies24 Ent representative of Indonesia. "The immigration party instead of keeping it, in fact, provided assistance to promoters because they were cheated by third parties that should lead such an administration."

The problem faced by Lee Jong Suk lives in the center of attention of netizens and their fans. Fans expressed regret over Lee Jong Suk's visit to Indonesia in fact caused a bad impression for the actor.

Fans Lee Jong Suk feared that the idol will again give up visiting Indonesia in the future. The fans were also angry at the party for a visa with Lee Jong Suk, and in the end they came to problems with the immigration authorities.

"Do not give up on my brother, "comment on the account @ hiun_mkkk. "Oppa … I'm patient. Do not turn to Indochia, "comment on the account @ dee.kkk.

"the one who took care of the visas was already like me, now I'm at work, so I can not see the tourists, "comment on the account @ susanti.nikkk. "Well, yes, whoever runs a visa is in any case a spa? Yes 24 / oppa party?"comment on the account @ baekiukkk. "I think Jong Suk is no longer able to check the party, they must be used to take care of everything, I assume that they contacted the promoter after they got a visa, maybe everything was safe, it would be good even with visas, so they thought it was properly arranged. , it turns out that it is not good …, "comment on the account @ tehrania_rkkk.

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