Sunday , October 2 2022

Waspada Malware dalam App Android


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Pengguna Android harus waspada terhadap peredaran aplikasi yang diisi dengan malware di Google Play Store. The antivirus package and the ESET Internet Security Essentials featured some 30 Malware apps from the Google Play Store.

Dilansir dari Express, the applications can be used to save the memory of the user, the battery maneuver, and the horoscope application software application for the horoscope. Malware and sangat complex canggih dan bersembunyi dalam aplikasi.

If you do not have a malware application, you can use the login palsu, and then click on the link for the hacker for the day to day menus and then click on Terminals.

A couple of hackers will be able to use the Internet to access multifactor and internet banking. Malicious malware and other malware can be used to prevent malicious applications from hacking.

"Oleh karena tou, jika pengguna telah memasang salah satu dari aplikasi ini, pengguna dapat dengan mudah menghapus di Settings> (General)> Application manager / Apps," ujar pakar tersebut.

The ESET patch for Android has been released for malware applications that have been banned by Malware.

"The southern part of the menu for the memerisation of the bank is at the same time transferring data and exchanging data from the PIN code / PIN PIN Internet banking," "which is a credit card.

In order to use the application, it is recommended that you install malware, so you will not be able to download it.

All apps and other content from the Google Play Store have pasted pengguna telah menghapus apps for the apps and apps in the mengunduh. ESET juga menyarankan agar mengunduh applications Android hanya from the Google Play Store.

"If you are using applications from Google Play to find the most memorable applications, you can use the tetapi app to make sure you do not have any apps in the application, so that you can not use the malware malware application as a Google Player."

Android adalah perangkat lunak yang paling banyak digunakan di dunia, dengan lebih dua miliar perangkat aktif yang menjalankan OS Google setiap bulan.

You can download the Android app from the Google Play Store and download it for free. (jnp / age)

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