Saturday , July 24 2021

& # 39; We will miss you brother & # 39 ;: Aengus & # 39; Gussie & # 39; Shanahan rested in Limerick

It was the end of 18 years "desperately trying to get information" and a sign that it was sometimes "impossible indeed possible", as friends and family said their final forgiveness to Aengus' Gussie Shanahan in Limerick this Saturday.

Mr. Shanahan, who disappeared in February 2000, was asked to rest on Saturday with his late mother Nancy, after the funeral Mass at the Church of the Lady of the Church, Ennis Road.

Among the church assemblies there were other families who still are looking for their loved ones, says Fr Akuinas Duffi, Gussie's cousin, who led the funeral rally.

"It's been 18 years since they asked for answers, appealed, desperately trying to get information that would lead to an investigation," said Fr Duffi.

"There are so many families in that case, and in some cases there are people who have answers that can lead them to the end of their search."

"It's great to be here this morning to meet some of the other families who are also waiting in the hope of ending their search."

"When I woke up this morning, I had to check that I still had not dreamed. I still feel a little bit so, it's almost unreal that today I will be the celebrated funeral mass of Aengus."

"I often pray for this moment over the past 18 years and there have been many false dawns that have raised hopes that have been torn down again."

"But the fact that we are showing here that it is impossible really possible and that we should never give up hope."

"Age passes sometimes and hopes do not work out. It may be very hard to keep something," Fr Duffi added.

"In 2016, at the funeral of my mother Nancy, here in this church, I had the feeling that the two of them were once again united in the spiritual world."

"If Nancy did not help Aengus for herself, but for us, she would not leave the sky, she would not leave any stone until those who remained had not found peace and allowed themselves to the moron. Her prayers were answered."

Mr. Shanahan, about 20 years old, was reported missing in February 2000, and his partial remains were discovered on a small island in Bunratti in October 2001.

However, only this year the guard could not answer his DNA with the remains.

"This morning we owe a debt of gratitude to many people," said Fr Duffi.

"For guards, forensic science laboratories, organizations of missing persons, seek, save and recover groups, media and everyone who has played the role of bringing us to this afternoon here in Limerick."

The song written by the late Nancy Shanahan about the disappearance of her son was read by the sister of Mr. Shanahan Reillin.

"I loved him with my whole heart. There is a void in his life, I meet in the sky. He never goes, he is always there."

A defeated gift, including photographs and videos that show some of Shanahan's most memorable memories of his family, also featured in Ed Sheeran's photo.

"Today we are gathering to erase the negativity, sadness and sorrow that has surrounded it over the last 18 years," said his brother Roibeard to the assembly.

"Instead of being here to fill it with love, positivity and the celebration of life Aengus Gussie Shanahan."

"Gussie was the baby of our family, whom we all loved. He was good, friendly, loyal and worthy."

"We would like to thank everyone who helped us in our quest to find Aengus in the past 18 years. He will never be forgotten."

"We have no doubts about who let us be here today; the Unique and Nanci Shanahan."

"We know in our hearts that he struck the paradise and got his last wish that her dear Giselle came back."

"The only thing we want to come out of today is to remember people is that Aengus was not just a boy in a missing poster."

"He has been over 20 years old who delighted us with the family we shared with him."

"We will miss your brother, now relax and enjoy the waltz with Mom."

Gussie is the beloved son of Bob and the late Nancy (Tuohi) Shanahan, the adored brother Roibeard and the sisters Grainne and Reillin, Gordon and David's daughter-in-law, Edvin's nephew, Conor, Jack and Dylan, nephews Emily and Annie, extended family and friends.

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