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Dataminers are missing out on the achievements of the GTA trilogy on Bigfoot and RDR


Icons of achievements from the GTA trilogy that leaked earlier this month online.

The painting: Rockstar Games / Kotaku

Another day, another piece of information leaked Grand Theft Auto: Trilogi – The Definitive Edition. This time, the data miners dug into the files found in the Rockstar Games Launcher on the computer and found a full list of achievements that players can achieve in remakes when they are released later this year. Some of them include fun references to memes and San Andreas‘long-sought Bigfoot. Others seem to be related to speedrun tactics and fans ’favorite feats.

Kotaku first reported the rumors GTA Trilogy remasters back in August this year. Then, on October 8, after foreign ratings leaked about the game’s existence, Rockstar Games has finally officially announced GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition with a short announcement, confirming that the package will contain GTA III, Vice City, i San Andreas. Since then, Rockstar has revealed nothing else about the upcoming collection, except for a few vague information shared by the publisher in the news, where it is explained that the trilogy will contain updated images and “modern game improvements”. Kotaku heard from a source that Rockstar intends to release these games in November. (I’ve also heard that Rockstar has now changed plans again and will release physical versions of the games, although they probably won’t appear until November.)

But while people wait for Rockstar to show more of these remasters to be released soon, the data is undermining GTA fans have managed to locate what is assumed to be all the achievements for each game in the collection. GTA forums alloc8or posted a complete list of awards on October 13th. The same user posted artwork for all achievements October 8.

Most of the accomplishments are what you would expect, rewarding players for completing missions, performing side activities, and killing a certain number of gang members. Pretty standard GTA things. But a few caught my attention.

“Too late 81 years – Spend 24 hours walking in the countryside (looking for Big Foot).”

This seems to be a direct reference to Red Dead Redemption’s famous Undead Nightmare DLC extension. In that game, players could find and kill the last Bigfoot. That would reward achievement. “Six years in the making.“This is just a reference to GTA San Andreas, published six years earlier Red Dead Redemption. Players have been looking for Bigfoot for years San Andreas. (It doesn’t exist, sorry.) So Rockstar joked about it Undead Nightmare. The joke is now rounded out San andreas’ the upcoming remaster apparently points to the fact that the last Bigfoot died 81 years before the game began, which would have been in 1911, when RDR 1 is set. Does that make sense? Move on.

A different success was achieved in GTA San Andreas it seems to point directly a popular meme CJ from the beginning of the game that says “… Here we are again.“I’m not usually a fan of memes that get involved in video games –as can be seen in Hello Infinite– but I’m fine with this because the meme is literally from San Andreas. To unlock this, all you have to do is 100% play and then start a new game. Super easy … not difficult at all …

Several of the achievements in this collection seem to relate directly to the faster and easier strategies that players have developed over the years to fulfill missions that can sometimes be tedious.

A great example of this is the achievement “Got this Figured Out”. To unlock this, players will have to use a bus to deliver eight prostitutes to police police GTA III. This is a fairly early mission that has proved difficult for many players because you were required to deliver at least four prostitutes located in the city to one location in a short time – the police ball of the city of Liberty. Since most cars in GTA III it can only accommodate three passengers, you have had to travel multiple times, and a few collisions or loss at any one time can cause you to fail the mission. However, some cunning players realized that if you caught the bus before you did the mission, parked it near where you started, and then used it instead, you could transfer all eight women at once. Rockstar will now reward players for using this classic feat.

Complete list of achievements is a nice mix of rewards and recognitions for normal progression for more unusual or non-standard tricks. Oh, and since this has been a debate among many players for months, the achievements suggest that Rockstar officially considers these games remasters, not remakes.

For those who want more information or a first look at remastered games in action, I expect the trailer for this collection to arrive soon. Maybe on GTA III 20th Anniversary, October 22nd. It seems like the perfect date for me.

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