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Does Linda play Stuart? The fans of the EastEnders are convinced that they are working on the Valford-Spoilers criminals


Did Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) play a long concert and tried to persuade the evil Stuart Highvai (Ricki Champ) to turn her back to husband Mick? This is a question that all EastEnders fans are looking for after Ms. Queen Vic appeared in order to switch to loyalty on Tuesday's episode of BBC1 soap.

The drama saw Linda continue to refuse to visit Mike (Danni Dier), who was struck after Stuart framed him. After removing the ring and leaving it on the kitchen table, Linda remained upset when Stuart appeared unexpectedly in the beer, knowing that Halfvai and Tina were out.

As the couple talked, Stuart went to more details about the fateful night that Mick allegedly shot when, as the viewers know, he actually turned the gun on himself. By the end of the episode, Stuart sent a secret text message, thanks to Lini, to which she nervously answered, adding "K & # 39; k" at the end.

But as long as Linda seems to believe in every word Stewart says, those who look at home were not convinced:

The fourth EastEnders will continue to test Linda's loyalty when Lawyer Ritchie arrives in the pub to bring the Carters update and suggest that Mick pleaded guilty to reduce the sentence. But Tina was staggering when Linda told Ritchie that her services were no longer needed.

Linda, Tina and Stuart at EastEnders

Given the suspicion that something is happening with Linda, Tina increases half-way and Vhitnei's help to get to Linda's phone and ends up in communication between her and Stuart. Later, Tina decides to follow Linda and confirm her worst fears when she recognized in a nearby cafe the dressing room of a welcoming household. But is this really proof that Linda now believes that Mick is guilty?

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