Thursday , June 1 2023

Facebook's Messenger new UI design was launched in the middle of the Digital Reagents / Digital Information Warworks


If you have not yet experienced the redesign of Facebook Messenger (also known as Messenger 4), then do not worry. Your application will be updated very quickly with the new and simplified Messenger user interface.

Facebook has announced its plans for up-to-date messenger during the F8 Program Developer Conference in May. During the announcement, the technological giant convinced the audience that the new Messenger would simplify the communication experience and emphasize exclusively important aspects of the application.

Well, the new Messenger is running on many devices and now it's time to testify to his judgment.

A quick overview of the new application's user interface indicates that Facebook has definitely simplified the function in some way. He also eliminated many tabs (which we barely used in any case) with significant three-chat, contacts and games / chat bots.

However, a regular (and somewhat disruptive) function, such as the "Favorites Bar", has managed to advance to the new Messenger.

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On the front of the design – Facebook continued with the current trend and chose all the white aesthetics. However, the night mode for the same is not currently available, which is sometimes unpleasant.

First of all, the public reception for Messenger 4 is not in line with the expectation of a social media giant. In fact, many dissatisfied users took Twitter and expressed their negative views regarding the update, here i here.

The massive redesign of the Facebook Messenger user interface is greatly evolving and people do not like it

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