Wednesday , March 22 2023

Former Crusaders West Brom James McClean face a poppy


The midfielder from Stock was again in the line of shooting accompanied by the day of the fight because of his long standing position over the annual recognition of war veterans and avoided the San Francisco Football Federation's sanction after his angry response to the social media.

The rebels have since called on the football authorities to use what they call anti-Irish racism in the game after incidents involving McClean and Hibernian chief Neil Lennon.

In the short term, the International Republic of Ireland, born in Derri, whose objections to trouble in Northern Ireland, might have to be back at Aviva Stadium once a walk during a friendly evening on Thursday. Asked if he was afraid that this could be a problem, O & # 39; Neill said: "Yesterday yesterday there was a family illness, so I could not get a chance to talk to him.

"He just came this morning, although he trained this morning, and I'll talk to him in the next 24 hours.

"Of course, I hope this will not be a problem, but I do not know."

However, the captain of the republic, Seamus Coleman, urged the supporters to respect McLean's decision, which he explained in his statement during his time in Wigan, and insisted he would happily carry a poppy if he addressed only the dead two world wars, and not subsequent conflicts.

Coleman said: "Look, James is well prepared to deal with him, as people know." James made clear about the situation with the poppy three or four years ago when he was in Wigan.

"He gave a statement and tried to be as honest as he could in that statement, and I think he should be respected for his decision.

"Part of Ireland has been raised, it is close to home for him and he has his opinion on this and we are in the world today where people need to respect the views of people."

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