Wednesday , January 27 2021

Gardai makes multiple arrests while suppressing public gatherings in Cork, Dublin, Galway and many others

The guards carried out a series of arrests in the city of Cork on Saturday night as they gathered all the countries.

By sharing pictures on his social networks, Gardai showed how they patrol the streets of Irish cities to deter public gatherings.

It comes after scenes of public drinking in Cork and Dublin last Saturday, which were later discussed in Dail magazine, and it was almost forbidden to bring a pint to take away.

During the evening, police officers participated in pedestrian patrols of Cork, Dublin, Galway and other cities with certain offenses.

Large crowds gathered in Cork and the Great Parade, especially with the officers forced to make numerous arrests.

A spokesman for the guard said: “As part of reinforced patrols, especially in connection with large groups gathering in the open, we have carried out arrests for public order violations in downtown Cork tonight (Saturday).”

Gardai in Galway

As for Galvai, the spokesman added: “Gardai was on foot on patrol in the city of Galvai on Saturday night, ensuring respect for public health advice.

“An Garda Siochana focuses specifically on those who gather in groups to drink outdoors.”

Similar operations took place across the country.

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