Thursday , March 4 2021

Heavy snowfall in many parts as warning of yellow snow and ice status remains in place

Heavy snowfall left some roads in the west of the country impassable tonight.

The status yellow weather warning for snow, sleet, hail and ice is in effect for all counties in the Republic, along with Fermanagh and parts of Tyrone, Armagh and Down.

The warning will remain in effect until noon on Sunday.

Overnight, there will be severe frost with ice points, because temperatures will drop between 0 and -4C.

Strong cold and ice will start tomorrow, while the winter showers will continue during the morning with possible further accumulations.

Snow in Athlon tonight.  Picture: Emma Butler.
Snow in Athlon tonight. Picture: Emma Butler.

The Bantri / Drimoleague road (R586) was closed west of Drimoglica after a serious car collision.

The Kerry County Council says the Conor crossing northeast of Dingle is impassable, as are parts of the N59 near Clifden in Co Galway.

The Garda advises avoiding Wickle’s Gap and Sally Gap due to icy conditions.

Drivers are reminded that stopping vehicles on icy roads can take up to 10 times longer. Anyone driving in icy conditions should make sure to slow down and stay away from those in front.

Matt Eireann forecaster Andrew Doran-Sherlock says the snow may not stick everywhere, but people everywhere will have to watch out for ice.

“Even where there are no very large accumulations or where there is more dust, with low temperatures there will be icy conditions on the trails and roads, so people will have to take care.”

Mr Doran-Sherlock said winter conditions in some parts would continue until tomorrow.

Snow in Barnesmore, Donegal this morning.  Picture: Maria McCaulei.
Snow in Barnesmore, Donegal this morning. Picture: Maria McCaulei.

“There will be precipitation of sleet, snow and hail in most areas with the development of reservoirs.

“By tomorrow morning, it will be over in the east and it will be pushed to the Irish Sea.

“But this has to do with a little low pressure system. It will stop in the Irish Sea and wrap up, so it will be a little more than entering along the East Coast districts late tomorrow morning, possibly until late afternoon and evening.”

#Sneachta and #snow appeared on Twitter as people across the country shared pieces of snowfall, colorful landscapes and children playing.

The cold, winter magic is predicted to end on Tuesday, when it will change into much milder and wetter conditions.

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