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"It's very disturbing, you should not be in that position" – students return to school after closure


They educate together schools in Tirrellstovn
They educate together schools in Tirrellstovn
School of Education together in Tirrellstovn

Conor Feehan

Students in two schools in Tirrelstovn, western Dublin, began their new regime of taking buses by alternative schools today after closing their regular classrooms with fears of safety.

Tirrelstovn Educate Together School and Neighboring National School of Sv. The ports found that they had a bad construction during the inspections carried out during the midterm break.

Concerns arose when some schools built by Wester Building Systems found that they had questions about the quality of the construction.

Nine trainers were planted in a parking lot at the school campus until July 8 this morning, while Gardai implemented a traffic management plan to coordinate student movement to Hansfild for about 15 minutes.

"They are a little different because it's not their normal routine.

"It's nervous, because I put them on the bus and I do not know where they are going. I do not know what Hansfield is and where their classrooms are," said Niam Stanford, who has two children in the 2nd and 5th grades at the School of Education together.

"We are told that this would take five weeks to get better, but a meeting was held yesterday and it looks like it might take longer, we just do not know," she added.

"My partner went to the meeting and told him that the repair work will not happen until a break in June, so I do not know," explained Niamh.

Speaking about school builders, she said that we send children to school to make sure.

"Whatever happened, who signed it, that's not true," she said.

Niam's views were repeated by Adriana Bereanu, who has two children in the 3rd and 6th grade.

She spoke after she waved her on the coach.

"I'm very worried. My little girl said she was scared, she was worried that she might feel sick in the bus and get stuck in traffic and be late to school," Adriana said.

"I work at night. I could be here today, but in the morning they may have to come with their neighbors or friends to arrive here in time.

"My employer asked how long this disorder will be worrying," she added.

She said that the builders should make the school right in the first place and that they should not be opened if it is not safe.

"It was very disturbing when we learned that we sent our children to a school that was not safe," she explained.

"As a community, we should not be in that position," she added, thanks to teachers working in the medium term to switch to supplies.

Magda Balaneasa has a nine-year-old girl at school. She also had her problems.

"It has to be home sometimes when I'm working and I care about it," she said.

"I do not know whose fault," she added.

The younger Educate Together students were able to have instruction in the building while the work continued, but only the ground floor was open.

In St. There was no hour at the Lucky School.

Students from the 3rd to the 6th grade were in alternative classrooms at the nearby school of Chelyabinsk.

However, the lower students did not have anywhere to go to this day and stay at home.

One mother kept all of her five children out of school for fear of safety, and this morning was part of the protests at the gates.

Deborah Solinas has three children with additional needs, aged 11, 8 and 6, felt she could not be accommodated with new arrangements.

"We had a meeting with architects and a school security officer yesterday and we all agreed as parents that the school is not safe to attend. It is not only not structurally secure, but environmental and social is not a good environment in which it will be," she said .

"The plan was for older children to go to Le Cheile High School, but I was not allowed to see if it was safe for children with special needs to attend. I was told that they would not let me go to school to give me children's medication.

"If there were any problems, my children would walk to St. Luke, I would call them, and then they would return them to Le Cheila.

"For them, everyday struggle is to continue their energy levels to attend school, so I knew it would not be possible for my children. There was no other solution," Deborah told Independent.ie.

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