Thursday , June 1 2023

John Levis Christmas advertisement 2018: Elton John's contest "Your Song" could be melted by the happiest hearts


Several songs are durable as the first single by Elton John, "Iour Song". He wrote when he was 17 years old with longtime associate Bernie Taupine, he finds beauty in his simplicity. Taupin often claims that a good song never needs more than half an hour to write. "Your Song" lasted 10 minutes.

He could only have written a teenager who "was never laid down in his life," Taupin joked. He read the text as a record of the journal – a tireless flow of consciousness – or a letter that John writes while singing the words aloud.

At the time of his release in 1970, he still found his voice – he was a more embarrassing schoolboy than a colorful show that is now. This voice deepened after having experienced problems with the throat in 1986, but the emotions with which it staggers every show (2013, Rolling Stone estimates that the song was performed live 2,000 times) remained the same.

With its famous annual discovery, John Levis's Christmas ad has somehow become a national event. However, over the past few years, the reaction has been getting weaker. "It's OK," the audience seems to be talking about last year's "Moz Monster," who talked about talking about a boy with a friendly blue "monster" under his bed. "Not bad."

This year, the organizers went above and beyond to create something that feels meaningful, relevant and cordial. Having Elton John's star in the advertisement, it's about a coup, and it's particularly hard to pay attention to the current farewell tour. Deciding on a path from Johne's amazing catalog sounds like an uncomplicated task – but, really, nothing else matches the topic of the ads very well.

The ad opens with a snapshot of John, sitting on the piano and playing these famous opening "Your Songs". From there, smart, wide shots watch the viewer from one great moment in John's career until the next – from his early start in local pavilions to stadium shows in the 1970s. Attention to detail is astounding. Together with John, actors in prosthetics, luminous clothes and pink Mohicans show him at those different stages of his life. Each genre records "Your Song" from that time, so fans can observe how his singing style changed over the years.

John Levis took on several creative permissions: although Elton John had first access to the piano was actually in his grandmother's house, here we see that the young man gave the piano for Christmas in his home. But the point is the same: how a gift can be a literally changing life.

It must be difficult, when you are a multibillionaire corporation, to convince customers that you really love Christmas – not just because it makes you a lot of money. But even the fullest heart will feel a slight throat in the throat, while the child raises the passing finger to the keys and presses, the look of wonders shining across the face. Then we returned to John's presentation, playing the same notes – yet with the same magic he felt all along those years ago. How wonderful is life really?

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