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On May 21, Dell Technologies will present a new series of innovations in Dublin

Dell Technologies Ireland announced today that a new Dell Technologies event series will be presented in Dublin on Thursday, May 21, to help businesses and organizations take advantage of the advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and other new technologies to launch a new wave of innovation.

Leading AI Technologist and Humanitarian Critics Sharma will give a keynote address on fostering diversity and innovation in the era of AI. Named by Forbes as one of 30 technology leaders for 30 years in 2017 and a young United Nations leader in 2018, Kriti takes the lead in trying to create a diverse and ethical AI that grabs the trust both of citizens and businesses.

"Dell Technologies Introduces: Innovation in a Session"

A half-day event titled "Dell Technologies Introduces Innovation in a Session" will gather more than 100 business leaders and technologies at the Science Gallery, Triniti College in Dublin on May 21st. The event will include workshops on cultivating creativity through diversity and support for technology innovation by leading manufacturers and executives of Dell Technologies Ireland.

Leaders from the digital application for identification, Ioti, will take participants through the implementation of AI in real life and explore the challenges and benefits of streamlining AI in their business as they seek to increase their success.

Mark Hopkins, General Manager of Dell Technologies, said: "We are pleased that Dell's Dell Technologies show in Dublin. It provides a unique opportunity to show that business leaders in Ireland can see the benefit of AI in action. We are honored to have AI Technologist and AI's leading voice on ethics AI, Kriti Sharma, as our main speaker to share our views on the importance of diversity in maintaining human bias from AI. By giving business leaders in Ireland first-hand insights into the transformative power of new technologies, we can help them accelerate their journey through digital transformation and the future confirmation of their organization. "

"Dell Technologies presents: Innovation at the session is held from 13:00 to 18:00 hours on Tuesday, May 21, at the Science Gallery, Trinity College in Dublin, Pearse, Dublin 2.

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