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Pic 3a Gathering the rumors: Everything we know so far [Video]

With the rumors of Picels 3a and 3a KSL that are now caught up in a rage, the upcoming mid-range device will offer the same experience as the excellent Pikel 3 and 3 KSL, but without the associated price.

The Google Picnic line is a large number of things, a powerful, insurmountable and undoubtedly one of the best Android phones on the market. And while they are by no means the most expensive phones on the market, they are certainly not the cheapest. However, they offer an experience that is not completely available elsewhere.

Availability is obviously what Google has prepared for its upcoming phones Picels 3a and 3a KSL. This may be Google's move to tackle iPhone KSR and Samsung Galaki S10e phones, which were extremely popular thanks to lower input costs, but with the same experience as on more expensive models.

With the right prices, Picels 3a and Picell 3a KSL could easily become one of the most popular phones in the Pikel line to date. Let's clear up Picell 3a rumors and speculations to give you a clearer picture of what you can expect.

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Release date and availability

Recent clips and tasks by Google show that we will officially see Picell 3a and Picell 3a KSL on I / O 2019 for the first time. The exact date Google gave is May 7th.

We will probably see the headphones on the stage at the official presentation, but it is not immediately clear how this launch will take place.

As far as availability is concerned, both devices will be launched via T-Mobile along with Picels 3 and 3 KSL for the first time in the United States. It was rumored that these new devices would be exclusive to Verizon, but it seems to be wrong.


As modest phones, Picels 3a and 3a KSL come with medium-sized hardware. This means that the internal devices are somewhat less robust than what is found on top-of-the-line Pikel devices that were released last year. So, we expect Snapdragon 670 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal memory and 3,000mAh battery on model 3a.

Charging will be via USB-C, but it's not clear whether wireless fast charging will be supported. However, 18V fast charge via USB-C is included. If the device comes with the expected FHD + display, this should improve the total battery life, since the size is relatively small for the 2019 handset.


Fortunately, the camera module, the sensor and the accompanying software will match the Picell Module 3. Expect all known controls and functions. This means Night Sight, Top Shot, and therefore the performance of the cameras that will not be surpassed at the price that Google will set Pic 3a and 3a KSL to.

This means a solitary 12-megapixel sensor with 1.4-micron pixels and a f / 1.8 blend. This is often one of the areas where brands want to cut costs. At least on paper, this is a premium camera, but in an affordable case. Our own source even says the camera delivers identical image quality Picel 3, but the camera application has slightly lower performance when taken into account.

Google Picel 3a camera

On Galaxy S10e and iPhone KSR you can see a more modern camera experience (although KSR has an incomparably better camera than KSS and KSS Mak). By placing a full-length Google Camera in a cheaper phone, it's a solid move to win a bigger market share.

If you were wondering about a self-propelled camera, it will have a taste of 8 megapixels. This camera will also have a wide-angle lens for this additional field of view. It is unclear whether it will be quite broad as standard Picell 3.

Design and functions of the device

Both 3a and 3a KSL will be made of much cheaper materials than those found on Pic 3 and 3 KSL. This means mostly a plastic Unibond design that has a similar dual-tone style that we saw on Pic 3 and 3 KSL.

Pikel 3a KSL double color

Although the design is not very inspired, it still stands out among the crowded design space of the unibodies thanks to this two-tiered rear part. I am interested to see how the device feels in hand, as I mentioned in my Pikel 3 review, it's the most comfortable phone on the market, no doubt.

There is no doubt that the plastic case will improve overall durability. Plastics could also allow Ki-based charging to be included in both models – but we have been notified that there will be no wireless charging on any model. This is a real disadvantage because compatibility with the Picell Stand would be good, although it looks like we will definitely not see it.

On the back side, you will also notice a physical fingerprint reader. While the browser's bait screen is one that many other OEMs can not resist, Google adheres to physical options more than welcome. For starters, they are faster and easier to use. My personal experiences with screen readers are, at the very least, quite mixed.

Pic 3a port for headphones

3a and 3a KSL will contain one feature that you will not find on more expensive bracelets. Both devices will standard the headphone port. This means that the wired sound via the headphone jack returns to the menu for those who do not want to invest in Bluetooth or dongle-life.

As far as the colors are concerned, Picels 3a and 3a KSL will come in three different options. White, black and some kind of purple color that probably serves as a stand-in for the model 'Not Pink'. which we saw on Pic 3 and 3 KSL.

Active Edge returns for cheaper devices, which means you will be able to squeeze foreign pages 3 and 3a KSL to activate Google Assistant. This activation will mean all additional accessibility features, such as the ability to reject calls by simply pressing the sides of the device.

There is also a Titan M security chip packed, along with eSIM support that should come with Android K, depending on when the device is actually delivered. It is important to note that the physical SIM wash is placed on the side rather than on the base located on Picell 3.

3a is likely to have Android 9 Pie, not Android. Since these devices and Pikel devices, you will get a full OS version at least two years after your purchase with monthly security patches.


Picel 3a displai

As we have already mentioned, it is expected that the screen for smaller Pikel 3a will be 5.6 inches. Pikel 3a KSL is expected to have a slightly larger 6-inch screen.

It has recently been discovered that it is unlikely that the screen will have a KHD + resolution. Google has decided to opt for a slightly lower resolution of the FHD + option. Of course, FHD + would make more sense in an affordable device, but Pikel 3a and 3a KSL come with AMOLED panels, not a cheaper LCD.

The screen should be nice and sharp at 440ppi, although this is not quite competitive with the 523ppi display on Picell 3 KSL, but it's not too stretched. It's also worth noting that the screen will be without any incentive – rejoice!

Pixels 3a and 3a KSL prices

We have a few rumors to continue with the price issue of Piccadilly 3a. Several cuts of alleged Canadian telecom pricelists have Picell 3a for $ 650 and CAD $ 800 for Pikel 3a KSL.

How this translates into American and European pricing will be one of the biggest factors in how well the devices will be received by the public. Considering the current course, we will make a solid assumption of around $ 450 to $ 500 for less 3a and $ 550 to $ 600 for a larger 3a KSL.

What Pic 3a and Pic 3a KSL do not include

Because of the strategy and price specifications, there will be many things that these two new Pikel devices simply will not include. We talked quite a bit about what you can expect to be involved with. Here are some basic failures:

Support for SD card

Unfortunately, no SD card support is similar to the previous pixels. This unlimited Google Photos store will get you good.

5G Connect

Pretty simple, there will be no 5G pixels at least to Pikel 4. Pixels 3a and 3a KSL will simply come with a 4G LTE connection outside the frame.

Android K

No device will be shipped with Android K. Instead, we'll see a completely stable Android Pie from the very beginning. The update will be available at the same time as Picels 3 and 3 KSL for these cheaper devices.

What do you hope to see on Pic 3a and Pic 3a KSL?

We want to open up the word, what further from leaks, and even the inclusion of leaks, would you like to see the launch day? We are at the countdown until May 7, where we will finally see Piccola 3a and 3a KSL in I / O 2019 for the first time.

Let us know in the comments section what you hope to see on the I / O 2019, or what you do not want to see. Do not forget to be civilian.

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