Monday , August 15 2022

Simon Covenei rejects the proposal of Secretary Brekit


Thin and Foreign Minister Simon Covenei rejected the proposal by British Brekite's secretary Dominique Raab to temporarily suspend Brekit's time limit, from which Britain could retire after three months.

The Backstop warranty was agreed last year to avoid the claims of borders in Ireland, even if there are no future UK-EU trade deals after Brekit. However, the definition of feedback is still controversial.

Mr. Covenei said that Mr Raab, at a private meeting in London last Tuesday, said such a proposal would not be acceptable to the state and believed that EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier would similarly reject such a proposal.

According to the story at The Daili Telegraph, Mr. Raab privately asked for the right to withdraw Britain from the reserve table after only three months in a meeting with Mr. Covenei, although he later appeared as an opponent of the British de facto vice-president David Lidington.

But Mr. Covenei was emphasized on Monday morning that such a proposal was not a runner, extending to the tweets he had previously published in which he said that a "time-limited return" or a return processing that the United Kingdom would end up unilaterally would never agree on Republic or EU.

"Tonight with Dominic Raab in London last week in London – it was a robust exchange of opinions, but it was a fair exchange of thought, and it is true that Dominic Raab presented some thoughts he had in relation to the return word and review mechanisms to return, "he said.

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