Wednesday , February 8 2023

The Forecaster issues a storm warning for later this week


Regional forecaster Cathal Nolan of the Midland Veather Channel warned that this week is approaching Ireland.

"Over the past few days, I've been following charts regarding the potential of wet and very windy weather this Friday," he said.

"The latest guidelines suggest there is a possibility that the wind will reach 130 km / h in some coastal areas during the Friday and Friday nights," he added.

Bearing this in mind, Cathal has issued serious weather actions that "can be upgraded or diminished depending on the evolution of the storm in the coming days."

"At present, the storm seems to affect all parts of the country, but with the highest risk in coastal areas," Cathal warned.

"Currently, the projected storm strength has the potential to produce winds over 120 km / h, and maximum impacts currently range between 120 and 130 km / h."

"Some models like ICON-EU show winds approaching 150 km / h in some southern and western coastal areas, but I do not expect those projections to be true at the moment," the meteorologist concluded.

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