Thursday , June 1 2023

Two were acquitted of trafficking and exploitation


Sligo car operators have been found guilty according to the rule of the Trial Chamber of the Indictment for the Trafficking in Persons and the Exploitation of a Romanian member after a three-day trial at the Sligo Circuit Court.

A jury of 11 men and one woman today sent Judge Francis Comerford to find his grandfather Augustina Covaci (36), Seaviev Drive, Cartron Point, Sligo and Sorin Cirpaci, 42, Fortvell Court, Letterkenni, Co Donegal, is not guilty.

The instructions came after a legal hearing in the absence of the jury after the prosecution concluded yesterday.

Addressing the jury, Judge Comerford said that defense lawyers had discussed legal issues before him and that in some cases he was disappointed in his own name that he had taken the course he had.

"My main advantage is that the jury decides, but I will direct the acquittal of both defendants.

I am sure that the appropriate action to be taken. "

Men are charged that on the dates of 28 May 2015 until 9 September 2015 on a car wash at Pearse Road, Sligo, they sold a man for exploitation and forcible employment by keeping his passport or deceiving him in connection with payment.

The men refused the accusation.

The court was told that the alleged victim, which can not be called the protection of his identity, removed his passport and was told that he would work for free because he accidentally reversed a car that was aimed at the currency in another car, which led to the € In August 2015 there were 1,332 damage values ​​and he had to live with a supplement of € 4 per day.

The trial was said that the alleged victim's brother filed the first complaint of the Guard on his behalf and this led to an investigation.

The victim came into the country around May 2015 and at first she worked in washing the car in Letterkena before she moved to Sligo.

The court heard that there was a lot of money allegedly victim before the accident was sent home to his wife in Romania.

From time to time I would get money for cigarettes.

Retired Detective Guard Michael Carr said at the trial that the alleged victim was not happy with the situation.

On the day when Mr. Carr got out of the car with him, the alleged victim had a bag containing beef beans and bread bread.

In the interview, the alleged victim said that even before the accident, she did not receive the money promised to him.

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