Tuesday , September 27 2022

Israel frees the Palestinian suspect's sister for assault


RAMALLAH (MIAN) – The Israeli military court ruled on Thursday it would release 35-year-old Fayrouz Naalva, a Palestinian suspected singer for shooting at the industrial zone of Barkan in Israel. Ashraf Naalva, who was executed by Barkan on October 7 , two Israeli exiles abandoned. Samir Samaan, the Addier prisoner for prisoners, said Israel had decided to release the Fairouz after spending 28 days in detention. He added that the court also imposed a fine of 4,500 Israeli shekels ($ 1,225) on Naalva. The fairouz, a university teacher, was arrested on October 11, two days after the Israeli army detained family members in order to exert pressure on his brother turned into himself. The lawyer added that Fayrouz had undergone intensive investigations 20 hours a day, was mistreated and threatened while he was psychologically forced to close. Fajrosu was denied the right to meet with his lawyer for nine days. Israeli forces are still conducting widespread searches of Ashraf, who left the post after a shooting attack; Israel also took the measures of Ashraf's family home in preparation to destroy it. In addition to the Fairouz, Ashraf's mother, Wafaa, a former prisoner, is currently in an Israeli jail, next to his brother Amjad 33, also a former prisoner, in an attempt to pressure Ashraf to become an Israeli army. Israeli forces also distributed and laid flyers warning residents of Tulkam to assist Ashraf.
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