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The Palestinian Journalists' Association (PJS) strongly condemned the suppression of the International Federation of Journalists marching towards the checkpoint of Kalandia, the Israeli occupying forces, the intense use of toxic tear gas and sound bombs, which caused the violation of PSA President Nasse Abu Baker with a gas bomb that had been killed on his shoulder and caused many others to suffocate. One of the victims, a journalist Adriana Hurtado, a Colombian executive committee member of the International Federation of Journalists and journalist colleague journalist Manal Khamis, a member of the PSC board, should have been transferred to a medical clinic.

The PJS considered a brutal attack on the march, which was announced before entering Jerusalem with the identification of international press and the participation of the president of the IFJ, as a clear aggression against all journalists in the world, disregard of all international conventions and agreements, and a clear violation of the rights of journalists to work and freely movement in all occupied Palestinian territories, including Jerusalem.

The PJS confirmed that this attack, which took place before the leaders of world journalists, was an expression of the expression of the arrogance of occupation and racism held by the Israeli state.

Moreover, the PJS has affirmed that targeting all free voices of defending Palestinian rights and a poor attempt to obstruct journalists to perform the duty to discover the crimes of occupation against the Palestinian people are clear messages to the world that violence and power are the only logic that the occupation state understands and practices.

The PJS emphasized that this attack will not affect the agenda of IFJ meetings and international conferences. Also, it will not make it difficult for journalists to perform their duties, regardless of price.

For its part, the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedom (MADA) condemned the unjustified attacks on Palestinian and international journalists by Israeli occupying forces on Saturday, many of which were quenched by tear gas.

A group of journalists took part in a peaceful march near the checkpoint Kalandia, north of the occupied Jerusalem, organized by the Palestinian Journalist Union in front of the Kalandia refugee camp, expressing solidarity with Palestinian journalists and their free movement through Israeli checkpoints. However, according to PNN, the occupying forces were meeting these just demands with pebbles and tear gas canisters, which led to a violation of a group of journalists – including guest journalists who came to attend a conference in Ramallah – despite the fact that they were recognizable with journalist vests and raising an IFJ card.

Marsh also included dozens of local journalists, as well as a large number of international journalists from the International Federation of Journalists, in addition to members of the Arab Federation of Journalists. They all had the goal of attending and participating in an international media conference in Ramallah, called "Journalists Under Fire".

Israeli occupying forces were pushed by journalist demonstrators, who were about 300 meters away from the Kalandia checkpoint, firing gas bombs from a launcher mounted on a military vehicle, which led to the sacking of dozens of journalists with gas, including the president of the International Federation of Journalists, Philip Lorient , Abdel Vahab Zghilat, head of the IFJ Freedom Committee, journalist Adriana, member of the Executive Board of the International Federation of Colombia, and member of the General Secretariat of the Palestinian Journalist Union, Manal Khamis, who is from there day in a medical ambulance for treatment. The head of the Palestinian Trade Union of Journalist Nasser Abu Bakr also hit the gas bomb directly on his right shoulder.

The MADA Center ensures that international laws guarantee citizens the right to peaceful assembly and protest as a form of expression, but the Palestinian people in general and in particular journalists are still exposed to apparent violations of this right by Israeli forces.

Because of this, MADA is seriously concerned over the apparent attacks and reiterates that the culture of impunity enjoyed by the Israeli army and international engagement with the occupying state as a state above law is the main reason for the continuation of these attacks.

The MADA Center also called on all countries to move through international organizations such as the United Nations and its Security Council, in order for Israel to be responsible for these crimes and attacking journalists who expressed their opinions peacefully.

11/18/18A Israeli soldiers injured Palestinian and international journalists near Jerusalem


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