Tuesday , March 28 2023

Netanyahu: Consulate in Istanbul is "terrible," but stability in Saudi Arabia has to be kept – Israel News


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rested on the assassination of Saudi journalist and dissident Jamal Khashoggi, saying what was happening in Istanbul at the Saudi Consulate was terrible and dealt with.

"What happened at the Istanbul consulate was terrible and properly addressed," Netanyahu said in Varna in Bulgaria. However, I say it is very important for the stability of the world, for the region and for the world, that Saudi Arabia remains stable. "

"I think we need to find a way to achieve both goals, as the bigger problem is Iran and we need to make sure Iran does not continue its malicious activities in Europe in recent weeks, it can detect two terrorist attacks – one in Paris and the other In Copenhagen, organized by the Iranian intelligence service, "Netanyahu continued.

In October, Iran allegedly targeted an attack in Denmark and targeted the leader of a Danish head of an Iranian organization called the Arab Harbour movement for the liberation of the Ahvaz (Iranian city). The plan was suppressed.

"To prevent Iran is ultimately on the agenda of our security, not just with Israel, but I believe in Europe and the world."

An Israeli official said on Friday that Khashogo was named "despicable" by the assassination of Khashogo, but said that Israel was a priority against Iran's common enemy against Riyadh.

Minister of Energy Yuval Steinitz appeared to abolish the Israeli government's government protests over last month's murders, causing global indignation.

It was not clear that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had shared his views and that Netanyahu's office did not respond to a comment.

The Saudi government initially denied that Khashoggi was killed, and later said that he had died in an unplanned "villain operation". Last week, Saudi Al Mojeb's Royal Public Prosecutor said the attack was okay.

Tel Aviv radio station 102 from Khashoggi was questioned by Steinitz, a member of the Netanyahu security cabinet: "This was a despicable action, every worthy argument, civilian, journalist, non-terrorist."

He continued, however, to say that Israel was fighting for the fight against Iran.

"There is a threat that may become an existential threat: Iran's nuclear threat, terror risk, the spread of Syria and Lebanon, and the Arab states, including Saudi Arabia, our allies in recent years against Iran and Iran's nuclear threat against them, "he said.

Iran denies trying to use nuclear weapons.

The Netanyahu government's report is semi-official Israeli-Saudi relations – never reaffirmed and sometimes denied by Riyadh – since 2014.

Netanyahu has made a surprising visit last week to Omani, whose foreign minister told the Gulf neighbors that Israel must be accepted in the region. Other Israeli delegates visited the United Arab Emirates this week.

Trump's administration, which sharply aligned US policy with Israel, also sought closer ties with Saudi Arabia.

US Foreign Ministers Riyadh and Gulf Fellows are seen as potential partners in Riyadh and other Gulf powers in a broad peace agreement with Israel, postponing its long-standing bilateral talks with the Palestinians.

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