Sunday , August 14 2022

Rivlin: "You can love Ariel without breaking the academy"


President Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin spoke today, Tuesday, November 6th / 28th, at the seventh higher education conference held this year marking the 60th anniversary of the Higher Education Council and the 70th anniversary of Israel's independence. The Minister of Education Naftali Bennet and the Chairman of the Committee on Planning and Budgeting, Prof. Iaffa Zilbershats.

"We mark the 70th anniversary of Israel and 60 years of Higher Education Council. The State of Israel is based on a vision, a far-sighted and far-reaching vision," the president said at the beginning of his remarks. "A country that is proud of its scientific and technological development, the state that produced the Nobel laureates, is a country whose knowledge, innovation, learning and research is better for every day."

The president continued: "I take the opportunity to tell you, the Minister of Education, with deep sympathy, respect and honesty: he can love Ariel without compromising the university." I had the privilege of supporting the University of Ariel. Many of us took the words of President Efraim Katira, who said that every place where Jews were educated, I am a strong supporter of Ariel University and for joining the University Chiefs Committee. Yet a statement such as the "breakdown of the university cartel" provokes pain. I am the most proud of all, and we all have a common goal: to have an excellent Jewish and democratic state in which it is independent, an excellent sector of higher education without political influence. The basic dream of intellectual independence and the courage to dare, these are the building blocks of the state and they are the basis of our culture, we are people who are solid, we are not disposing, we are already discussing, we do not cover our heads, we are trying to understand it. We do not do as we have been told, but we are looking for alternatives. So, here is the initial nation built here, the generation of inventors, researchers, creators and developers has grown here. "

The president spoke of a "new campus" set up on the initiative of the Higher Education Council and under the chairmanship of the Chairman of the Planning and Budget Committee and said: "Since I took up the duties together with the chairman of the Planning Committee on Budget, Universities and Colleges, I promoted the initiative Israeli hopes at the academy This is a plan to prepare for a new Israeli agenda in which the academy is the first and the last position that students from all sectors of society fulfill before joining the world of work. The aim is to "strengthen links between the academic community and employment and raise academic staff's commitment to employment outcomes for their graduates, especially in the Arab and Haredi sectors." The new campus must be an opportunity and a springboard not only to change the reality of employment, but also to change the Israeli "said the president," we have recently read the difficulty in accessing higher education available to Haredi's men, and this week we have published data on slowing down the inclusion of Haredi people in the workforce. These are warning signs for our society and our economy. I am convinced that the new campus initiative can solve this double challenge – how to connect the academy with employment, and the need to include Arab and Haredi's society on fair employment. I believe that the Israeli Academy can not look at the new Israeli society as an observer, but it has to play an active, creative and important role in it. "

The President congratulated those who play a role in this national and social venture, as well as recipients of the Higher Education Prize, Professor Mosheu Kaveu, Professor Aieletu Shavit and Professor Uriel Reichman, and said: "Your awards show that academic excellence goes hand in hand with the strengthening of our society and our country. I congratulate you, my friend, Professor Reichman, on your prestigious academic vision that has become a reality and accomplishment that has influenced the sector as a whole. "

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