Saturday , June 3 2023

Spotifi's application for streaming music launched in the Middle East


The Spotifi music transfer platform confirmed the launch of its Middle East service, with the goal of utilizing millions of consumers in the region that are digitally connected. Rumors about the launch of the street service in the region lasted for several months.

Apparently, Spotifi will face a tough rivalry from the rivals already operating in the Middle East. Company executives hope that launching their services will help reduce the piracy in the region. The company did not specify the number of users expected to apply.

Sources familiar with this problem have said that Spotifi is already popular in the region among users who have accounts related to other countries where the services are available. The listeners in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Qatar, Algeria, Oman, Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine and Bahrain could now subscribe to Premiums and free services. It was already introduced in Israel in May.

Launching services in the Middle East not only means new customers for Spotifi, but also more negotiating power around the world, sources say. Claifius Boller, Middle East and North Africa manager, said the region was an unused opportunity and had the second youngest population on a global scale.

The latest statistics and data on the smartphone and the penetration of the Internet in the region have shown that it is the right time to launch Spotify, Boller said. He claimed that listeners in the Middle East would have access to the complete Spotify library, just like users in the US and U.K. The company should offer playlists specialized for the Arab community and listeners around the world.

Data shows that Apple Music, the main competitor of Spotifi, is already working in the region and is available in most countries. Deezer, a music download platform from France, was also launched in October and is expected to offer sharp competition to Spotifi.

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