Wednesday , December 8 2021

The broad house has revealed a bouro of offers to IDFA players – a variant


The Paris House selling house Vide House sealed the contract for the two titles that this week played at the Amsterdam Documentary Festival IDFA: Ruth Beckermann "Valdheim Valtz", Oscar nominee 2019, and "The Splav" by Mark Lindin.

The World Premiere of Berlinale in February, where she won the Glashutte Award for Best Documentary, "Valdheim Valtz" focuses on a scandal in the Nazi war crimes case against Kurt Valdheim, former secretary general of U.N., who was president of Austria from 1986 to 1992 . years.

Filmin bought the rights of SVOD in Spain and turned key films for Scandinavia and Italy.

The rights of distribution were taken over by Men's Films in North America – in an already published agreement, Elf Pictures in Hungary and Tricontinental on the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

In Switzerland, the RSI pubster took over the rights in the Italian language; Israel broadcasting rights were on Channel 8 and KAN.

Valdheim gets its Dutch premiere on Thursday November 22 as part of the Master Club at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA), taking into account the Dutch public service VPRO.

"Valdheim's Waltz" is a very important focus as one of the three best sellers of the year for Vide House and one of the most relevant films from 2018, and therefore the Glashutte award in Berlin, "said Anais Clanet, general manager at Vide House.

"The world is governed by populist leaders, this is terrifying – watching Kurt Valdheim watching them all." Voters, we, what have we learned from the past, but nothing? We are deceived by the same technique, and Ruth Beckermann calls us in a way to react and learn "she added.

The following titles of the Broad House in the current IDFA release take Marcus Lindeen's "The Splav", playing on the Best of Fest section.

Sweden-Denmark-Germany-U.S. co-production again agrees with the Acali experiment, a 1973 scientific study that sets a group of people in the Atlantic for three months.

Best documentary film in Chicago Intl. Film Festival, "Splavovi" Distribution Rights for North America, was acquired by Cinetic Media. Telefonica bought the Spanish SVOD rights for Movistar +.

"Raft" is scheduled for the first quarter of the following year in France via Urban Distribution, Switzerland by Xenia and through Modern Films in the U.K., where the BBC broadcast the broadcasting rights.

They also play at IDFA's Best of Fest, and "Freedom Fields", sold by Niche Arebi, marks the first documentary film made by a Libyan director's wife.

The world premiere in Toronto, a documentary set up in post-revolutionary Libya and follows a group of women who are gathered together with one dream: Playing football for their nation.

The broad house also features IDFA "The Village", a new TV series by French director Claire Simon, whose first episodes are on November 21, in a debate with director Steve James about the story in serialized documentaries.

The village is the fruit of an agreement that Vide signed with Claire Simon about two years ago, taking Simon's previous work "Graduation" and "Ioung Solitude". They, according to Clanet, "are a new type of document that is not based on sensational but on ordinary people who make it remarkable."

In IDFA, the Broad House expects to find new theater, especially artistic and cultural projects for 2019 and 2020, as well as to close the remaining countries of its best sellers in 2018, Clanet added.

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