Friday , June 2 2023

The elimination of epilepsy reaches 68 confirmed cases in New York


New York officials have confirmed 68 cases of smallpox in one county, making it the country's biggest breakthrough in decades.

The Journal Nevs reports the outbreak of the city of Rockland from third groups of passengers from Israel, and most affected by Orthodox Jewish residents in Novi trg, Monsi and the Valley of Prolece.

Israel is currently experiencing an epidemic of smallpox with more than 1,500 confirmed cases and the death of one child.

Health officials say the affected patients are a mixture of adults, teenagers and children. County officials monitor schools to ensure that children who are not immunized do not attend.

Masons are a very contagious disease. Symptoms include high temperature, cough, rash and red, watery eyes.

The last largest epidemic of smallpox in the country was in 2013 with 58 confirmed cases.

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