Friday , April 16 2021

The UAE Embassy in Israel expresses its condolences to the victims of the Holocaust

As Israel marked its Holocaust Remembrance Day, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) embassy in the Jewish state opened Twitter on Thursday to convey a grim opportunity with its own message.

“Let’s share our condolences to the victims of the Holocaust,” the embassy said in Hebrew, English and Arabic, adding that “in their memory, the UAE confirms that the human values ​​on which it was founded will remain strong.”

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Rivlin and Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Rivlin and Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates

President Reuven Rivlin welcomes United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Israel Mohamed Al Khaja

(Photo: GPO)

“Love, coexistence and tolerance are among the foundations that humanity needs for peace to prevail,” the embassy said.

Although accusations of Holocaust denial have often been leveled against Arab public discourse, in recent years we have witnessed tectonic changes and efforts to change such divisions.

Among them was the historic visit of the Secretary General of the Muslim World League based in Mecca, Sheikh Mohammad Al-Issa, to Auschwitz in early 2020.

The sheikh visited the site with a group of 24 influential Muslim clerics and led a prayer service there, also meeting with the local Jewish community.

Further promoting this trend, the UAE became the first Arab state to hold an official Holocaust Remembrance Day event, attended by a delegation of Israeli and Gulf influential figures.

The Association of Jewish Communities in the Gulf is also expected to host a webinar with Muslim youth from the Emirates and Bahrain who visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum on Thursday.

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