Tuesday , September 27 2022

University of Penn. an economist cleansed at the head of the Bank of Israel


The Advisory Committee for Higher Appointments approved Professor Amir Jaron to be the Governor of the Bank of Israel.

The Advisory Committee, also known as the Goldberg Committee, is responsible for checking officials of senior civil servants, including a police commissioner, IDF head and governor of the Bank of Israel.

In the framework of the verification process, the commission called the outgoing governor dr. Karnita Fluga to state any objections she might have and reviewed the letter of support to Charon written by Prime Minister Netanyahu.

"After considering all the information, the commission decided not to find the guilt of Professor Amir Jaron in terms of its integrity, nor did she find any error in terms of the integrity of the consideration based on the recommendation in order to place it to the Governor of the Bank of Israel," the committee said.

Prime Minister Netanyahu welcomed the commission's decision, saying "I am sure Professor Amir Iaron will lead the Israeli Bank responsibly and will help the success of the Israeli economy."

Prime Minister and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon will nominate Professor Iaron as the Bank of Israel Governor for approval at his next meeting on Sunday.

Iaron, who is teaching banking and finance at the University of Pennsylvania, Vermont School of Business – Donald Trump's Alma Matera – will replace Flug on November 12,

After studying at the University of Tel Aviv in 1985 and 1988, he graduated from the University of Tel Aviv School of Economics, while in 1992, Iaron became a Master of Economics at the University of Chicago, before finishing his doctorate in 1994.

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