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US authorities will seize funds from Deltec, Tether's new bank


US authorities will seize funds from Deltec, Tether's new bank

Reporter Neil Hartnell received documents showing that the US financial authorities are in charge of plagiarizing billions of dollars belonging to Deltec Bank and Ansbacher Bank. During the investigation, a $ 1.2 billion bribe was identified, allegedly linked to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

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Bahrain banners burn billions for Venezuelan bribes

Former Petroleas de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) financial executive director Abraham Edgardo Ortega has concluded a plea agreement with the US government. He revealed information proving his role in the massive structure of myths led by the government officials in Madura, according to the words Tribune.

Ortega used bank accounts in Bahamas to wash about $ 1.2 billion for the government. This money was received during a series of assets and theft of money from the state oil company PDVSA.

Ortega allegedly earned about $ 12 million for himself during his "precious contribution" process. Now he agreed to transfer all corrupt money from the Deltec and Ansbacher accounts to US officials.

Deltec Bahamas

Plea Bargain reveals names and numbers

According to Ortega, he attended a meeting with a confidential informant working for the US government and Gustavo Adolfo Hernandez Frieri, a director from a brokerage firm from Miami. During the conversation, Frieri offered his own fake fund, the Global Securities Trade Finance Fund (GSTF), based in the Cayman Islands, to wash away the $ 5 million bribe money received from Maduro officials from Russian and French business lobbyists.

Following a plea agreement:

"On February 24, 2017, CS sent Deltec Bank & Trust to Nassau, Bahamas, where it was then retained part of Ortega's illegal funds, in order to subscribe to [GSTF] fond. "

Once you have acquired a dirty five million dollars, they are transferred to another unnamed financial company with a GSTF subscription. This made the funds look legitimate and available to be spent by Frieri and Ortega.

"On or about 28 February 2017, in the direction of Ortega and Hernandez Fieri, approximately $ 5 million was transferred from the Deltec Bank & Trust account number / portfolio to the US financial institution in Nev Jersey, which held a GSTF account , a fake fund. "

Deltec Bank is at risk of behavior

Bahamian banks are already facing problems, while FATF recently publishes a list of 11 poorly monitored KIC / AML procedures. Deltec is also involved in Tether as the new carrier of its notorious assets.

According to Tether's official statement, Deltec Bank & Trust has completed its investigations of all previous Tethe operations in the now bankrupted Noble Bank International, without revealing irregularities.

Prior to the start of the connection with Deltecom, Tether suffered significant reputation damage, partially solved by the recently published Deltec Bank published on November 1, 2018.

However, the bank's letter does not offer real responsibility for its claims, using the tactic of naming or signing the person who issued the statement.

In spite of the USDT falling from 1 to 93 cents in the past few days, since then it has returned to 99 cents by CoinBillboard. Many users have evaded USDT into more transparent currencies, resulting in recent substantial burns of 500 million USDt coins by Tether Treasury, given the downturn in the Tether market.

Deltec Tether slide

Will Tether survive as a long-term good with the current level of transparency and history? Give us your knowledge below.

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