Tuesday , May 30 2023

A team in red, watching the board on Sunday. Altavilla at the pole


Telekom Italia returns to the negative territory of the stock market (-3.45%) after the Board of Directors confirmed the mistrust of former CEO Amos Genishi.

Everything is focused on the eyes of the market the committee convened for Sunday, November 18th that they will have to call the heir. Votes, as foreseen by Sole 24 Ore, want Alfredo Altavilla, the former head of the FCA for Europe, in the semi-position to take over the position. In this sense, Ecuate analysts write it
the choice should be identified mainly in the wish of the board of directors so that the head of the company can accommodate a person who can drive
the project of convergence of the fixed network and separation of the network from the rest of the work, which it appears to have found
strong political support and a clear priority on the government's agenda.

Genish, go to Elliot Vivendi's conflict

Ecuita believes that the project can create value because it reduces the medium-term competitive risk that it brings
coexistence of two alternative infrastructures, and also offers a more visible regulatory framework for investment in the network
new generation.

In addition to Altavilla, in that case, a general manager would be appointed, and playing cards would be different,
among the names circulating c & # 39; Pier Giorgio Peluso, the current financial director of the group, already present in the company since 2012. Among potential candidates will be the first
CEO Tim Brasil Stefano De Angelis, Financial Director Piergiorgio Peluso and Head of Business and Outstanding Clients
Lorenzo Forina. Within this movable scenario is also Vivendi who obviously wants to convene a meeting
to try to get back to the saddle. Amos Genish, in an interview with La Stampa today, spoke, referring to his
defensiveness, the real Soviet Puchila Elliot. It's kind of a blow by hand
while Genius was on a business trip to Asia.

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