Monday , February 6 2023

Andrea Bocelli at the top of the American leaf


After winning the United Kingdom, the United States was also taken: an Anglo-Saxon strike for Andrea Bocelli, who for the first time in his career won the first position in the United States's best-selling record in the United States of the Billboard 200. Unlike London, where one Italian at the top of the table never It was not visible before, it's not unpublished here, even if it's long in time: it's just Modugno in blue, blue, even if only in an individual classification. For albums here and unpublished.

It's only sixth in Italy

The paradox that Bocelli wins across the United States and Britain, but does not break in Italy: the singer came in the sixth beginning, crossing, among other things, the discovery of X Factor, Manexina, Elise, the winner of Friends, Irama. In America, Bocelli's year was approaching the highest standards: in 2009, his record "My Christmas" stopped in a different position, and "Passion" in 2013.

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