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Big Brother Vip 2018 / Direct, nominated and eliminated on November 12th



Ela Weber, together with Ilia Blasio, in her studio to tell her short experience of the big brother: "It's very intense as an adventure. Who deserves to win this edition? I should make more names, but I say Stefano, a very complete boy. I love Giulia Salemi ". Signorini was scared of him because she did not show her smallest fumant role, she too replies: "That's fine, it did not help." The new nominations of the episode began, that is to Jane Alexander: "Lori vote because sometimes it poses some questions unclear." Donatella also: "It's never revealed, at this point we can not say we really know it." Martina also advocates Lori: "We have not tied anything, we were firm for a moment." The summary is by Del Santo and Ivan Cattaneo. Bless explains: "You must vote for the competitor you want to save. In the classic episode, we will find out the name eliminated on Monday night." (Updating Jacopo D & # 39; Antuono)


Alessandro Cecchi Paone joins Ilari Blasi in the studio: "Zero blows for the bathroom, without order. For me it was a nightmare just an idea and instead. My big brother was very hard and did not walk in the woods. I'm happy about this. It was the right time to make this adventure.I really enjoyed it, it was a gift for me.It was 42 years since I never cried, the first time I did it.Thanks to you late I discovered that I lost my grandfather, so I had to deal with with the others and not the other way around. With the boys there is no evil, things are over. " Sparks in the studio with Maria Monse and Elia Fongaro, who have several gravel for the take off. Signorini: "It hurts me to see that a person from this level is ridiculed by Donatella. It is necessary to have minimal common sense and a limitation of good taste." For Alessandro, the question is closed: "Big brother was born from a very interesting experiment, there are no problems for me." If I were looking for a child and a new love, Cristina was perfect for me, I had a chance. My fatherly instinct expanded in other ways, my students. " Ilari Blasi announces the televised ruling: "The competitor who has to leave the house is … Ela Weber". So save Lori Del Santo. (Updating Jacopo D & # 39; Antuono)


Ela, Lori and Martin are nominated. A short time for the public to decide who to rescue: competitors with less accumulated votes will be eliminated. Donatello is the surprise of a mother who enters a mystery room to accept and encourage: "One day you will give all these children to your children as we have given you. You are our pride." A space in the Gialapp band and a service that contains the most comical and fun moments that competitors had in the house last week. Blasi reminds the public that there is still not enough time to participate in televoting and anticipates coming to the studio Alessandro Cecchi Paone. The former conductor, eliminated tonight, will witness his adventure in the house and will have the opportunity to once again explain his version of the conflict with the Twins Prove. (Updating Jacopo D & # 39; Antuono)


Francesco Monte lost the test with Ivan Cattaneo, and in the coming days he will become his poker baller. Jane Alexander gets a nice letter from her son Damian and is moved live. She apologized for her behavior inside the house asking him if they had hurt him. In the meantime, Blasi will announce to the competition the second elimination of the evening. According to the nomination mechanism, Francesco Monte managed to save Giulia Salemi: "Because there is a concealment between us and I want to improve it." Ivan Cattaneo saves Lori Del Santo: "I chose her without thinking twice. She is my companion." Stefano obviously decides for Benedetto. The last man who can escape the nomination is Valter Nudo: "I decided to save Jane because she is a mother and I saw her again." (Updating Jacopo D & # 39; Antuono)


Blasi returned the boys not to follow Alessandro Cecchi Paone at the door. In addition, the two Provedies are almost excited about their elimination. "He did not even say hello, everything is fine," they say in the choir. We are jumping on the jokes that Ivan Cattaneo saw as the protagonist: "Will you expose me? No, thanks to them, I came back when I was ten. I am having fun for dying." In the big brother's house, the return of Kastigator, Cattaneo can choose the victim: "I call Francesca Monte, who is the mind of all my jokes." Therefore, Monte and Cattaneo are going to a duel from their stomachs. They were asked some questions about general knowledge, whoever leads the other to obedience. Moment has pretty weakened Big Brother, and another presentation has not yet been announced. (Updating Jacopo D & # 39; Antuono)


Andrea Mainardi in tears after a triangle banner moved the plane: "Come on, I'm with you". Blessed with his tears in Adventure Big Brother: "I cry with luck, I had incredible emotions that I can not describe. We men are nothing without women, Where are we going without women?" "We are not nothing." "Are you different?" "Yes, but I do not I've never been crying for 30 years, I'm doing everything here. " After the release, Blasi officially closed the vote: "One between Andree, Stephen and Alessandra will have to leave Big Brother's house." Cecchi Paone: "I am happy to bring the world of teachers and scientists, thank you for giving me that chance." Mainardi: "Good luck to have this experience, I do not want to forget what I've learned here." Here is the envelope, Ilari reads the verdict: "The competitor who has to leave the big brother's house is … Alessandro Cecchi Paone". Save Andre and Stefan. (Updating Jacopo D & # 39; Antuono)


Silvia Provved and Alessandro Cecchi Paone protagonists of this first part of the evening at Big Brother. She: "Teach education and bring me respect." Paone: "Everybody comes from where it comes from, this is the obvious language you use in your parts. I never have anything to do with twins." Ilari Blasi shares several words with two others: Andrea and Benedetta. Last saved Steven last week, who gave her immunity: "Strategy? Absolutely not, it's my way of working." A video summarizing their approach and suspicions of Stephen on his story outside the house is summed up: "If we were here, I would have jumped on him. If I did not have a particular situation, I would probably be a kiss." Benedetta specifies live: "I know in my heart how I feel, but I am very rational, this affection is real, but it has lived in a special context. Our lives are full, there are so many things waiting for it. "Benedetti blasphemes about Dada's recent statements:" I see Benedetta's love, I will not let you you use it for your dirty games. "(Update Jacopo D & # 39; Antuo no)


Silvia Provvedi and Alessandro Cecchi Paone continue to fight directly before the TV's resolution. There is still discussion about the elimination of Fabia Basile. She is very upset and attacks the former conductor with sharp words: "Learn to laugh! You are bored! Big brother is lightness!" The study elimination of Basil says: "Culture is not all, if you want my appreciation, you must apologize to Giulia and Silvia." You took out past speeches and the past has passed so far. "Sylvia is a great woman and she showed her and I respect them." Images of the last days are being transmitted, with the conflict between Paone and Silvia Provvedia. Her tears, Alekander's harsh words: "There is no hope, this generation is lost." So, unknown girls can not continue, the substance is also important at a certain point. "" Nile can not be considered to be in Germany. "Silvia was the worst example of a man in Italy such as Fabrizio Corona. " Even during the episode, the fight continues. State: "Do your work and talk about yourself, not about others". Paone: "Three years from Corona is not an example". Signorini intervenes: "Alessandro has the merit of comparing two different worlds with her weight, but never standing above others." Silvia suddenly became an example for many people. This is a real life. " (Updating Jacopo D & # 39; Antuono)

Who will be eliminated?

High expectations for the triple-nomination award for Andrea Mainardi, Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Stefano Sala. Who will be deleted? Evening at Ilari Blasi and Alfonso Signorini will certainly not be surprising, with the second elimination that competitors do not doubt at all. A large space will also be dedicated to the love story between Francesca Monte and Giulia Salemi, who are examined in an incredible twist after one night of passion. The dispute took place on the porch with Giulia's scarf that upset Francesca. The former cop of men and women was bitter at the fact that Salemi described him as a man who did not pay attention to details in relations with women. Saying a big word, with Giulia, who immediately broke the argument: "Let's forget that you do not like the aspects of my character, I'm dead to judge you." This evening episode will be an ideal opportunity to make peace? (Updating Jacopo D & # 39; Antuono)


Who will be eliminated from this new Big Brother Vip episode? While waiting to find out during live broadcast this evening, November 12, on Channel 5, there were no chances. We recall that on television there are three men: Alessandro Cecchi Paone, Andrea Mainardi and Stefano Sala. Traces of water believe that the elimination of this telotopy could be Cecchi Paone and all this, also, based on what happened in the last days. The song with Sylvia and Giulia Provveda highlighted a part of her character that many did not appreciate at all and could cost him tonight at home. But this is not the last word, because the Big Brother Vip forms are always above the corner. We also remember that teleporting will not be the only one eliminated, since two elimination for the evening is planned. (Update by Anna Montesano)


It was a bit left to the new director of Big Brother Vip who could open a new and long bra with Francesco Monte and Giulia Salemi. Idila is finally sanctioned by kisses and statements given in the middle of the week, and these are the last hours that highlight the big problems of the couple. It seems that the idyll is broken again because of another dispute between them. "She always feels she's tried, she cries and makes me like a monster." Francesco Monte tells his companions – "His humor is that child." Giulia Salemi pointed out to her point of view Giulia Provveda and Martini Hamdi: "She never apologized to me, I always have to justify it, he wants a punk and a drunken woman, since the first day, he is always the first to be angry! and again – I'm broken and the worst is always me. " This fight could be one of the main topics to be solved tonight. (Update by Anna Montesano)


This evening, the new live of the big brother Vipa will be in the air and, waiting for a long evening, the contestants are preparing and continuing to spend their lives in the House. In the hours before his new life, Lori Del Santo returns to talk about the death of his son Loren and to make unprecedented discovery. Lojjama admits, "I got more solidarity from you and from unknown people than from people in my family, they shook me," says the director, who still tells me "I even thought that if anything ever happens to me again, hopefully that I will not – I will never tell those who are closest to me, they will be the last to know, I swear, there is always envy, jealousy … I do not read the messages of my personal phone, because the most acid, happiest words came … " which we could talk about only this evening. (Update by Anna Montesano)


New meeting with Big brother Vip 2018 that on the 12th of November, they will be broadcast on Channel 5 from 21.30 on, approximately. Ilari Blasi will continue to be at the helm of the new episode along with Alfonso Signorini and if many are waiting to find out what the conductor's appearance (and his wigs) will look like, others are ready to find out what will become of their heroes. On televoting, last Thursday, they're over Andrea Mainardi, Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Stefano Sala. Only the last has decided to sacrifice the place of Benedetta Mazza, his special friend, no matter what can happen, because one of the three will have to leave the game one step away from the semifinals. But this elimination will not be the only evening, as you can see from the press release of the episode, it seems that there will be a second surprise exit. A series of rescue and combat will lead to another elimination, what will happen, and who will be eliminated the other tonight? Telotoning is still open and Big Brother Vip is possible vote among the three named click here.


Although this is the most decisive issue Big Brother Vip there was certainly no argument and arguments, and this same thing happened the same way. Alessandro Cecchi Paone and only Donatella, and especially opened the fight week Silvia Provvedi. Thursday he entered the house Alfonso Signorini only to communicate with young people that Fabrizio Corona had already calmed down with Asia Argento and the former king of paparazzi was at the center of a debate between the former and the host. This other, without hesitation, accused Silvija of recognizing a man who did not deserve it, and this is certainly not a good example for young people. Donatella talked to him for two days and one night, and often appeared in tears in confession. This evening we will discuss this dispute, because we will deal with these issues between Francesca Monte and Giulia Salemi. It was in these hours that the two talked again about the Battle of the Influencers (on the small kindness of the throne). Francesco Monte will not go for what is not, and Giulia finds him too sensitive, but looks ready to let him go if he intends to stay on trial. How will they end up between them?


Not just the quarrel this week, al Big brother Vip 2018. Even love or special friendships have been in the center of the past few days and it seems that the greatest surprise (and the one who is destined to create danger) Stefano Sala and Benedetta Mazza. He took the place of blonde in nomination and wanted to be afraid to go out or just maneuver (as far as possible) of telotoping, it seems that between them they finally dropped off from the berths. Some night spots have shown that these two covers are struggling with cats and basins, but no evidence proves the intimacy between them, what really happened? Ilari Blasi and Alfonso Signorini will take care of this in the new battlefield of the program, but the center will continue to be there Francesco Monte and Giulia Salemi. After a flop of nights spent in the apartment, two of them broke into the house at night, at least until a new row that has been put into question for several hours from today's life. It is impossible to do for Jane Alexander that after the greetings of Elijah Fongaroo, he will have to rely on the strength given to her by this connection, with the possibility of a double disappointment from home.


A special chapter belongs to Lori Del Sant. After many controversies over what happened before he entered the house Big brother Vip 2018, the beautiful actress and producer decided never to give up this experience convinced that it is much better than staying in bed, in the dark, at night and in the day. Her experience became dignified and she never relied on what had happened, but for it might soon be time to deal with television and with her home colleagues as the circle tightens and ultimate approaches. Just today, just hours from tonight live, Lori Saint she collapsed in tears talking about her grief and what she found in Big Brother's house in the last few weeks. Just in the afternoon she let herself into the hands of John Cattaneo and Giulia Provved: "Here I feel protected!". At home, he found closeness and solidarity and therefore can not keep his tears. Are we going to talk about his crisis tonight?

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