Tuesday , September 27 2022

Carabiniere dies to catch them. But one of the thieves is immediately free


His name is Emanuele. Emanuele Reali, carabiner. Hero? Maybe. Certainly one of many, too many victims of a state that compliments its own militia and it seems to be sharply remembered. Emanuele wore a uniform and wanted to finish his task: catching a bandit. He was in danger of dangers, no matter what he drives on the trail. Too enthusiastic? Maybe. Too much commitment to the country? Definitely. Emanuel died of an innate sense of duty: the train crashed him as he forced the bandit who escaped to catch him. It was evening, low visibility. He died immediately.

"He will not have roads or beaches – he wrote to Arma yesterday – because he was the "only" mortal victim of war every day fought quietly against the crime. And because his name will not be remembered soon. For us, however, Emanuele Reali, deputy Brigadier Carabiniera, will always be young and beautiful. She will always be a hero".

Thirty-four years, a woman and two children. He also leaves a father and a superfluous mother. "I always told him to be careful," the father repeated without a pause. But I generous They are made like this: they are ready to do anything to complete the mission.

Here, mission. Emanuele participated in Operation Carabinier from Kasert against the group flat thief. They have already caught the two in the La Selva Park right after theft. In the car were found two radio transmitters complete with headphones, a suitcase containing burglars, a baby carrier with a toy gun, two mobile phones and a part of the pocket: the vacuum cleaner and the Bimbi machine. Immediately hunting two other accomplices who escaped from the first close. They caught about 19h near the station. The first one ended up in handcuffs, the other climbed over the wall of the railroad and pulled Emanuel behind to bring him to his death.

Who knows what to say emanuele if he knew that three of the four bandits (caught in a difficult situation) the prison did not do it. The two are already in house detention, and the third is released immediately by the judge (he will escape with the obligation to stay in Naples). Fourthly, what the army was rushing about is still being sought. Translated: None of the criminals who launched a tragic search will look at the sky behind bars. Judge's guilty? Probably not, he will apply the law.

Perhaps, however, heweapon: Emanuele will never have a way called. In Italy, the stone deserves Carla Giuliani, but not those who lose their lives to defend the safety of the Italians. So far, we have been accustomed to this, too. However, knowing that the heroic vice-thief is almost useless, it's a slap that's hard to consider. "A useless sacrifice," the father cries. "They call him now hero, but now it is useless. This country does not defend those who do their job. "

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